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by:Longjian     2020-09-21
The bedroom wall lamp, please, to pay attention to? Many people will install on the wall of 1 - at home More than 2 lamp, wall lamp, choose to suit the household style of design or color, delicate and generous. It can have the effect of deck space, also can increase the room light. Usually wall lamp is installed in the sitting room, also some people will install a wall lamp in the bedroom, the wall lamp in the bedroom? Install the wall lamp should pay attention to what the bedroom? Lighting will come today and it explain the bedroom wall lamp, please knowledge, understand the together! Wall lamp in the room that is good, maybe some family storey height is lower, in the ceiling lamp again, can let a room appear more low, also easy to let a person feel depressed. Advice if Ann at the foot of the bed, wall lamp, then we can choose with a chimney, such lights not dazzling, more will be more softer, chimney can choose beautiful and easy, it also can be used as ornament of a house. According to the wall lamp in the room, can create a more romantic atmosphere for our bedroom, also can bring us the feeling of quiet, can promote our sleep and rest. And the location of the wall lamp can be high to low. If it is with some wall lamp, crystal pendant that can install some high, it will be more beautiful. If the bedroom needs to watch TV, the need to control the position of the Great Wall lamp, no matter sit up or lie down in bed, can't see on the screen wall lamp shadow goods or according to the highlight areas that will affect the watch. We should pay attention to when install the chimney and the bottom of the lamp waterproof and sealing ability must be ready, because the wall lamp to work long hours later, the temperature of the surface will be very high, if the sealing is not enough, the light will appear the phenomenon of bad stability, prone to fall off. Like the color of the wall lamp and electricity and installation guy wire color effect of phase contrast, harmonious, otherwise easy to affect beautiful, if there is tonal, don't go will backfire. Finally, we will also wants when installing parts such as screws are firmly fixed, avoid, the phenomenon of the wall lamp falls due to improper installation. The light will damage the wall lamp, heavy will endanger our security. The lights in the room, on the whole, need not too much, there are two or three is enough, a main light, 1 - 2 the auxiliary lamp, if you have any dresser in the room, it might as well in the dresser went to a few small lights, or select the embedded, this can also increase the room light. If upset wall lamp, the floor lamp or desk lamp is also possible.
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