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by:Longjian     2020-09-29
How to quickly understand family lights decorate collocation method is not easy, each link is the focal point that can not be ignored, and lamps and lanterns, although the proportion is not big, but the lights is the makeup of the house space. Light level, the ornament is proper, simple decoration also can let a person is very impressive. Guangzhou lighting in this give you a few action, how to quickly understand simple family light collocation method. A, advocate the lamp: according to the area of suitable power general fluorescence class absorb dome light, Inside is a loop or energy-saving lamp, fluorescent lamp) 3 - per square 5W。 Such as 10 square meters of the bedroom, can choose 32 w or 40 w fluorescent absorb dome light. If it is LED to absorb dome light, 2 - 3 w / ㎡. Such as the bedroom of 10 square, select 20 w LED to absorb dome light. Second, the appropriate use of shoot the light, build sweet is concentrated effect to shoot the light, Angle, light at metope, there will be a beautiful spot. Just give them to shoot the light, must according to meimei! Third, try to choose adjustable light product technology changes with each passing day this day, there are many LED lights to achieve adjust brightness and change the light color requirements. Because with the changes of the ambient light and psychological needs, the brightness of lights can adjust is a nice feature, receive a visitor, a warm atmosphere, the light can shine a little; When watching TV, don't need that strong light, brightness can be recalibrated. And to transfer the function of the light color is also very good, such as summer, hot weather, can be the main light color to white light, feel cool and refreshing; If it is winter is adjustable for the warm light, warm and comfortable. Selection suggested that warm light, light color gives priority to general lamps and lanterns has white Huang Guangzhi points, white light is 6400 k, common bulb color in the office; Yellow light is about 3000 k, common in hotel in the color of the light. Due to the human body biological clock is relevant to natural light, yellow light is close to the color of the light when the sun goes down, easy to relax, and helps to create a warm atmosphere. , kitchen and toilet, need to build relaxed and clean feeling, can choose white light products. In addition, some corner in the space is usually in a dark environment, in the evening, when the eye contact to these places, can produce nerves of the uncomfortable feeling. But if in the corner with milky white, pale yellow desk lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, tube lamp decoration and adjust the lighting, the dark side can shine. Above, lamp act the role ofing is guangzhou summary for you about how to quickly understand family light collocation method, believe to you later when lamps and lanterns of choose and buy can play a role.
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