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by:Longjian     2020-09-16
How to maintain household lamps and lanterns? Five tips to teach you! In general we have a lot of people don't care about the maintenance problem of lamps and lanterns, even if one thousand is the lamps and lanterns is broken, will think that is a question of quality. Actually otherwise, lamps and lanterns in time or installation time has its certain law, if in accordance with the law of its life, in life care to caress, the service life of lamps and lanterns is very long, unless you really bought the poor quality of products, we simply introduce a few lamps and lanterns for everybody below maintenance tips. One, when we buy home of lamps and lanterns, particularly in their installation, be sure to read instructions, this may and maintain what pull not top relation, but if not installed correctly, lamps and lanterns can be easily broken, sometimes even explosion, is very dangerous, so special place, one is the toilet, the second is the kitchen. Toilet: lamp shall be equipped with dampproof lampshades, otherwise will shorten the service life; Kitchen: lamps should pay special attention to prevent lampblack, because oil accumulation will affect the light illumination; Light transmittance and choose light color shade is good, but easy to stick ash, to be diligent about to wipe, lest affect light penetration degree; Second, according to mark source parameters and aging lamp replacement. If both ends of the light bulb to red, light bulbs for black or black shadow, and the light bulb not bright, should be timely replacement bulbs, in order to prevent the ballast. Unsafe phenomenon, such as equipment burn out; Third, in use process should strengthen the lamps and lanterns, to extend its service life. Room lights use dry cloth to wipe, should always pay attention to prevent moisture intrusion, lest appear rust or leakage short-circuit phenomenon for a long time; Installed in the lamps and lanterns of toilet and bathroom must be equipped with moisture chimney, otherwise will shorten the service life; Installed in the lamps and lanterns of the kitchen should pay special attention to smoke, because of oil accumulation will affect the lighting of lamps and lanterns; Light color lampshade transparency is good, but it's easy to stick ash, so should be clean, so as not to affect the light penetration; If the lamps and lanterns is non-metallic, can use wet cloth to wipe, to prevent dust accumulation, interfere with the lighting effects; Four, now the city is very dusty, lamps and lanterns use after a period of time, in the above will precipitate a thick layer of ash, affect our vision, so to avoid regular cleaning, so in the process of cleaning up take care not to change the structure of the lamps and lanterns, also don't replace the parts of lamps and lanterns, at the end of the cleaning maintenance, should install lamps and lanterns is good according to the sample, don't packing, wrong parts of lamps and lanterns. Cleaning method: general lamps and lanterns with dry cloth to wipe, and pay attention to prevent moisture intrusion, if the lamps and lanterns to non-metallic, can use wet cloth to wipe, in order to avoid dust accumulation, interfere with the lighting effect. Five, when using the lamps and lanterns, try not to frequent switching, because through the filament current is higher than the normal work of frequent startup current, make the filament temperature rise sharply and accelerate the sublimation, this will greatly reduce the service life. So we must minimize the switch of lamps and lanterns. Special remind water can lead to rust and paint falls off, and shorten the service life of the bulb. Therefore, moisture is the key to the lighting maintenance, especially the bathroom, kitchen stoves bathroom lamps and lanterns and lamps and lanterns, moistureproof lamp should be installed, and to prevent moisture intrusion, avoid rust damage or leakage short circuit. It is best not to rinse the lamps and lanterns. Just can wipe with dry cloth, then wipe with water. If you accidentally run into water, please wipe as much as possible. After turn on the lights, do not immediately with a damp cloth to wipe.
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