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by:Longjian     2020-10-08
Household lamps and lanterns is how to install? Common household lamps installed knowledge of household lamps and lanterns is how to install? 1, absorb dome light installation process: ( 1) Location: first to choose good location, such as sitting room, dining-room, the kitchen absorbs dome light to compare good installed in the middle, the light was on average. Bedroom absorb dome light installation considering the influence of light on sleep quality as far as possible not in bed. ( 2) Split mask: the first mask, absorb dome light mask a rotation and card buckle two fixed way, must pay attention to the demolition, in order to avoid to absorb dome light damage, by the way, after take the mask down will also remove the tubes, to prevent the broken tubes. ( 3) Installed base, base on the desired location, in metope marked with a pencil, use electric drill in drilling tag position, then the hole expansion bolt installation, pay attention to the hole diameter and buried depth to match the bolt specification, finally put the base back due to fixed position. ( 4) Connecting wires: installed base will stop line outage, should pay attention to safety, installation time need to shut off the main power supply. Two threads and connect the power cord to absorb dome light, wrapped in black tape, respectively, and keep a certain distance, if possible try not to put two threads under the same metal piece, so as to avoid short circuit danger. ( 5) Install masks, hanging: after connected wires, try electricity if everything is normal, you can turn off the power supply in this step is completed, if it is the living room to absorb dome light also needs to mount a series of hanging, because each kind of dome light hanging, so specific installation method can refer to the product manual. 2, droplight installation process: ( 1) Droplight is fixed: first of all to draw the drill point, use the impact drill holes, then expand screw hole. To use metal hangs Taiwan or hook fixed roof, join again pendant lamp base, it can make the installation of the chandelier more firmly. ( 2) Droplight connection: bald on the screw, the base is installed. Connect the power wire, copper wire exposed portion using insulating tape. Then connect the derrick and base, and adjust the appropriate height. Finally install the chimney of droplight and bulb. 3, shoot the light installation process: ( 1) Obligate lamp position: mainly embedded installation method, general plan according to decorate obligate lines, let workers will open the ceiling hole, the appropriate set aside an empty slot. ( 2) Shoot the connections: in the empty slot on the base, pull wire, fixed on the screw. Connecting thread, don't forget the insulation treatment at the same time, the final installation to shoot the light. 4, wall lamp installation process: ( 1) According to the flip chart of the hole on the wall in the need to mark the location of the expansion screw. ( 2) Use a drill to mark on the wall point of drilling, be careful not to drill into the wire, but also pay attention to the depth of the hole. ( 3) Good drill holes can be installed after expansion screws, expansion screws into the first has been drilled hole, and then put the screw into the wall with a hammer, until all sink inside the wall. ( 4) Put the wood screw through the hole wall lamp hangs Taiwan, then fixed screw on the expansion screws, attention should be paid to the fixed on both sides of the alternates, so that you can avoid wood screw appeared deviation. ( 5) Use screws connect hangs Taiwan and particular of absorption, then fix the suck in particular bald on the screw. Connect the power cord, the last power off the wall lamp wires and good, on line. : (5, canister light installation process 1) Opening: according to the size of the tube light, installation location hole in the top line. ( 2) Connection: will reserve the power cord to connect to the tube light. ( 3) Adjustment: downlight fixed butterfly nut reed, the reed at the same height and the thickness of the ceiling. ( 4) Complete: push the canister light into the ceiling openings, if you want to install light bulb, fitted with appropriate to the size of the light bulb.
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