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Zhongshan ou _ zhongshan _ lighting lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns

by:Longjian     2020-09-20
Europe type lamps and lanterns should be how to choose? Europe type lamps and lanterns, synonymous with luxurious and elegant. Art originated from the European classical style, imitation of ancient European court style effect. European classical charm lies in its unique traces of history, it reflects the elegant and meaningful bearing on behalf of the master of a remarkable life grade. Strong european-style lamp with luxuriant adornment, colour, elegant modelling elegant, gorgeous effect of European court, european-style pay attention to the line of lamps and lanterns, modelling, and carve on the colour and lustre. Some light will use artificial rust, brunet paint intentionally create a copy of the old effect, give a person the sense with classical on the vision. Look from the material, more than Europe type lamps and lanterns is given priority to with resin, pure copper, forging, wrought iron. The resin lamp modelling more, but have a variety of patterns, gold-plated silver foil color is beautiful, bright color; Modelling of pure copper, iron and other relatively simple, but more simple sense. What kind of Europe type lamps and lanterns of 1 bedroom, choose according to the bedroom style bedroom to decorate the wind made you the choice of lamps and lanterns. Such as: the bedroom is pure and fresh, contracted wind, choosing crystalline light; The bedroom is the classical wind, select the European crystalline light. Coordinate with bedroom style lamps and lanterns. 2, according to the height of the bedroom choose lamps and lanterns chooses associated with bedroom style and height, the bedroom is high enough, can install crystal droplight, it looks comfortable; If the bedroom is not high, can choose to absorb dome light, in order to avoid space appear depressed, and even influence sleep quality. 3, according to the master bedroom age people of different ages choose different lamps and lanterns. For example: the old simple requirement, but need to pay attention to the brightness; Middle-aged according to be fond of, taste to decorate, simple color, have grade, conform to the bedroom style of lamps and lanterns. The young, personality, and the selection range is wide, special lamps and lanterns is popular; Children room lamps and lanterns, to cooperate with the child's character, can choose the lamps and lanterns of cartoon design, is not suitable for light, avoiding damage to eyes. Use the choice of lamps and lanterns should be considered the actual demand, such as: dresser, adopt temperature type lamps and lanterns, lest produce glare; Like reading in bed, optional desk lamp or wall lamp, choose suitable for reading lamp brightness. European-style bedroom light introduce european-style bedroom light, is the representative of luxury, elegant design is derived from the European art, on behalf of the extraordinary taste of life. European-style bedroom lamps and lanterns, luxuriant adornment + beautiful modelling, the European court. Pay attention to the carve on line, shape, some light will deliberately make a copy of the old effect, reflect the classical sense. Look from the material, give priority to with resin, pure copper, modelling is relatively simple, but more simple sense. The types of European style bedroom lamps and lanterns candle chandelier, elegant shape, is the typical European style. Brass + resin as advocate material, used in decorative pattern on the big thoughts. Solder droplight: solder is metal, burnish, simple, the use of match again glass and look stylish. Shield wall lamp: pay attention to symmetry. If the difficulty, will destroy the class. The durable, because of be particular about reasonable proportion, symmetry. With a cap lamp: is a representative of the European classical wind, attention to detail, vortex lines and arcs to be beautiful. Through history, there is a full-bodied breath. European style bedroom lamps and lanterns is how arrangement? 1, according to the statistics, the average person spent more than 6 h at home every day, therefore, the choice of lamps and lanterns is very important. 2, the bedroom is to rest. Bedroom lighting should be located in the edge of the bed upper part, therefore, choose low color temperature of light source, control the generation of glare. Need to create a spacious and comfortable room, the bedroom available floor lamp or desk lamp, make leisure and comfortable environment. 3, conditional available wireless remote control and can smooth dimming.
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