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Zhongshan op zhongshan absorb dome light _ lighting lamps and lanterns _

by:Longjian     2020-09-20
Op lamps and lanterns and light high quality comfortable life today, lamps and lanterns industry competition is intense, there are many different kinds of brand and customer at the time of choosing lamps and lanterns, often choose spent eyes, what is good or bad, there is no reference. Often do not pay attention to to buy bad products, no quality assurance, especially the network shopping platform, full of traps under the temptation of cheap. Bright flowery appearance, inner corners, material and process is compromised. LED product itself quality problem using the LED chip physique is bad, brightness decay rapidly. The deficiency in the production process, the LED chip heat dissipation can't good derived from PIN feet, cause the LED chip temperature chip attenuation. LED to constant current driver, some LED driven by voltage LED, attenuation too quickly. Drive current is greater than the rated driving conditions. Actually some of the reasons for LED products light failure, the key still hot problems, although many vendors in the secondary products with a special focus on the cooling problem, use for a long time, but these secondary LED product will droop degree higher than pay attention to the heat dissipation of LED products. LED chip itself, the influence of thermal resistance, silver glue, substrate cooling effect, and colloid gold thread and also have a connection with light failure. Lamps and lanterns of op mask use imported acrylic third generation 1. Using rare earth tricolor 2 water coated tubes. Light source and the matching of the electronic rectifier B. 1. Light transmittance as high as 60%, — 75% 2. Permanent gun, anti-uv additive 3. Adds a special agent of diffuse light, material choose the more reasonable color match 4. High photosynthetic efficiency, luminous evenly 5. High color rendering. 6. The service life is long 7. The use of advanced technology and equipment, fully considering the tubes and the electric parameters of the rectifier, to the best matching effect C. Interest point 1. Brighter and 2. Durable, 12 years is not the same yellow brittle 3. Anti glare, make the light more downy and pleasing to the eye. The light is bright and pleasing to the eye 5. According to the objects 6 colour display more realistic. Life for hundreds of hours of 7. High luminous efficiency. Good quality LED lamp adopts imported chip, ballast IC current protection, with thick aluminum alloy shell heat dissipation, high brightness, good heat dissipation, long life light characteristics. Ordinary incandescent light failure factors affecting the blister is larger, the smaller the droop, namely is proportional to the evaporation deposition of tungsten block light output. And inflatable bulb due in part to prevent tungsten evaporates so droop. If is incandescent lamp with a filament, same in different size of the blister, relatively the same point in time the droop really big blister is smaller than the blister shell. In addition, the same is inflatable bubble big bulb of glass shell internal space, air convection to the glass shell has a relatively large cooling area, relatively small glass shell lamp at a lower temperature, the temperature of the filament is relatively low, luminous efficiency is low, tungsten filament evaporation rate is low, so the light failure. But the same filament in the big glass shell of photosynthetic efficiency than the glass shell of the filament is much lower. So at the time of filament design is designed separately, in the real production comparable. Op lighting products cover home lighting, engineering lighting and electrical products, and other fields, household lighting products have dome light, lamp, canister lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, dining-room lamp, induction lamp, lens headlight, the desk lamp that shield an eye, T5 stent, bath bully; Commercial lighting products are: light source, electrical parts, ceiling lamp, low voltage lamp, high power lamp, grille lamp, tube lamp, lamp plate, stents, metal halide lamp and other products, for household lighting, commercial lighting and electrical products of system integrators. Op lamps have a strong marketing team and perfect sales network at home and abroad. At present domestic has 36 branches/offices, more than 3000 brand stores, more than 5000 home lighting professional network, and more than 3000 branches and more than 500 commercial lighting professional supermarket outlets, covers 95% of the nation's cities at or above the county level; At the same time, products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions of the world, in Europe, the Middle East, South America, South Asia, southeast Asia and other regions have offices, overseas business brands accounted for more than 70%.
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