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by:Longjian     2020-09-21
Sitting room to absorb dome light, although simple, but more practical in the sitting room as a family to decorate a space that is focus, many would have struggled to create a space atmosphere of luxury atmosphere, and lamps and lanterns is the design of the lighting and decoration of the sitting room, many people will choose a few more like space grade of the droplight of feeling to decorate, but for families like practical droplight may seem a bit flashy, so concise dome light may be more suitable. But absorbing dome light is a relatively simple elements, match in the space, can appear no class? We have to share some of the sitting room of dome light case, consult for everybody to learn! A, concise dome light concise absorb dome light is mainly the sitting room is a very concise absorb dome light, suitable for some simple Nordic, simple, modern style, space, concise, lamps and lanterns into the contracted space effect is also very harmonious and unified. Second, the portfolio to absorb dome light absorbing dome light is to point to in a single absorb dome light, to do some combination of modelling absorb dome light, the dome light is both concise design, and the grade of the unique refined visual perception, is more suitable for the modern, new Chinese style style, etc. Three, crystal absorb dome light, crystal absorb dome light is suitable for some modern European style, modern style is modern fan's space, with the dimensional feeling of crystal elements show elegant and generous.
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