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Zhongshan market of lamps and lanterns _ zhongshan contracted _ zhongshan lighting lamps and lanterns

by:Longjian     2020-09-21
Such a simple lamps and lanterns, brief and beautiful for the decoration of the house, most people prefer simple. Contemporary and contracted style is popular with people, so when choosing the style, people in lamps and lanterns of choose and buy when it is important to note that goes with this style. So what is the distinguishing feature of contemporary and contracted style used lamps and lanterns? Lamp act the role ofing is to share with you today. Mainly reflected on contracted in the modelling of lamps and lanterns with a metal frame a few lights. Metal frame to silver or gold, have thick tall and straight, with a slender, soft with a single root, also have more combinations. Light is composed of light and shade, generally for energy-saving lamps, and the design of the lampshade but allows variations in patterns. The design of the chimney is the main embodiment of modern contracted style. In keeping the modern breath, on the basis of transformation of various shapes, select suitable materials, combined with appropriate color, to reflect 'contracted style'. In recent years, under the influence of the Nordic 'contracted' domestic outfit trend, modern household act the role ofing 'contracted style' is particularly prominent in the market. The 'contracted style' is mainly manifested in modelling of lamp act the role ofing, colors, materials and other aspects. Contracted and lamps and lanterns is the pursuit of many designers of lamps and lanterns, which promotes the contracted lamp act the role ofing is popular all over the world. Maybe a lamp lighting color is simple, but the modelling is unique, fashion and practical. Can under all sorts of lamps and lanterns competing claims have their own place, the visual effect of lamp act the role ofing to build a warm and quiet. Lamps and lanterns can not only meet the needs of the People's Daily life and activities, and is an important art form and means of foil atmosphere. It to the person's psychology, physiological have strong influence, easy to cause the contrast of beauty and ugliness, different feeling happy or depressed. Slater designer Allan thought: simple lamps and lanterns is to streamline modelling, colour and light contact to benefit the use of space to express the perfect artistic effect. Contemporary and contracted style, emphasize the important point is whether the modern lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns to coordinate the indoor and outdoor environment and highlight the characteristics of modern lamps and decorative effect, akira modern decorate a style to show the same effect, the true essence of contemporary and contracted style lamps and lanterns. With the continuous development of decoration industry, lamps and lanterns industry and continuous development, various functions, the lamps and lanterns of various shapes and colors, in meet the needs of the lighting at the same time, also growing in the direction of the energy conservation and beautification.
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