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Zhongshan market of lamps and lanterns _ canister light _ zhongshan lighting zhongshan the living room

by:Longjian     2020-10-04
Many people miss the lamps and lanterns of switch - — Porch is the fear of the dark is the instinct of a man, now workers arrive every day, have to at least got home sometime the 6 in the evening, so the first thing to do is to turn on the light! Light as an integral part of the home, bring us not only is the convenience of life, but also a kind of inner satisfaction and a sense of security. But if meet this kind of situation: a night party to find switch, from the bedroom to the bathroom, looked at the corridor and living room of the deep, very not easy to the toilet, always afraid of the lining in the toilet with touch switch strange things, feel the sense of security is being unreasonable eating by the switch design. The switch of reasonable design, from the space to move line, considering the habits and customs. We have compiled a conform to most People's Daily household life of the switch design, not only solve the problem of afraid of the dark profession of sense of security, or 'lazy people' super Gospel, household design, after all, human nature is to make you too lazy to extricate oneself was a success. Porch as the first stop of into the house, will feel the light into the door, one was caught the life-saving straw. As every night sometime got home 6 workers, opened the door to see dark and porch, sitting room to touch the along while didn't touch the switch, for some people who are afraid of the dark one are in pain. And according to the majority of people living habits, is to find the switch of the sitting room into the door instead of the porch, and then went to lock the door when you leave, in shoes, take off your coat a series of actions, no habit of porch lamp open. So the porch lamp had better choose induction switch, 1 - induction lamp when the door open 1. Within the scope of 5 meters can light up, save up a switch to find, at the same time to produce a family waiting for his warm and security. Porch as connected to the living room and the outside world channel, porch is essential to the sitting room lamp double switch, according to ergonomic design Angle, the height of the switch in 1. After about 4 meters, open the door porch lamp lights up automatically, you can open the sitting room advocate the lamp, went straight to lie in the sofa, fatigue and stress instantly disappeared. , of course, in addition to the double switch induction lamp and the sitting room, porch design under the porch shoe ark, receive ark a induction LED lights, whether to go out into the wear shoes in all very convenient, need not bow time-consuming to find shoes under the cabinet and grope for the placement of the shoes, comfortable and worry.
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