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by:Longjian     2020-09-15
LED lights, not only beautiful, but also the strength of lamps and lanterns is every family will buy decorate the home appliance product, with the development of technology, in addition to possess the basic function of lighting lamps and lanterns, also gradually appeared the adjustable light color temperature, the human body induction and so on many kinds of intelligent products. Is light, no matter for lighting, or to build atmosphere, always want to rely on people's eyes to feel, not suitable for the light, the lamps and lanterns of unqualified, can make the lighting effect, and may even hurt people's eyes. When lamps and lanterns of choose and buy some common sense, therefore, we need to know, to buy a light bulb scientifically. So, what needs to be considered optional LED bulbs? Want to save electricity and want to look good? How to choose the correct LED bulbs? Low wattage, Gao Liuming is the first thing you should consider how to save energy and reduce electricity bills. If the lamp lumens is high, the light is more bright. LED bulbs compared with incandescent light bulbs, only a few can provide a lot of lumen. So, you need to find a low wattage, Gao Liuming bulb, because it can save electricity. The service life of the second, you should consider is the service life of LED bulbs. If a year using three hours a day, most of the LED bulbs can provide 25000-50000 hours of light. But after assemble into lamps and lanterns, also related to the life of the other electronic components. Also is the life of the LED lamps and lanterns of less than 100000 hours might fail, is not necessarily the LED itself, it is possible that the power of the chip, electrolytic capacitor and other components out first. And now many LED manufacturers, the quality is good and bad are intermingled. Color and color rendering index and the third thing is the color of LED bulbs. Is one of the benefits of the LED light can be transferred to the full spectrum. Leds can be red, yellow, green, blue, warm white and cold white. The lower the color temperature is lower, the kelvin, white light is yellow. If the temperature is high, the partial will appear blue. If you want to warm color, can put about 2700 k LED. Want to cool white light, be about to find 3500 k to 4100 k bulb; 5000 k to 6500 k bulb imitated natural light or daylight. Another aspect of color is the color rendering index ( 中国国际广播电台) , which can reflect the accuracy of the color in light. The higher the color rendering index, the more LED bulbs light objects. The spread of the LED light bulb to give off light in a particular direction. Known as the transmission of light beam Angle. LED bulbs on the market the beam Angle of 15,30,45,60 and 100, respectively, and rarely in 120 and 180. The beam Angle is less than 30, and can be used for spotlight, its brightness or lumens per watt is relatively high, particularly suitable for shops and highlight specific areas of need. More than 30 ° beam Angle suitable for tube light high power LED lights. They can be placed in the ceiling light up the room, if the ceiling is very high ( More than 3 m) The 30 - Beam Angle 45 degrees. If the ceiling is lower than 3 meters, then better use 60 Beam Angle of 100 degrees. The correct LED lighting lamps and lanterns heavier than the traditional light bulb, so you should check whether the lamps and lanterns of existing can support the weight of the LED bulbs. LED bulbs can't completely closed in the lamps and lanterns, because heat will shorten the service life of the bulb. If you want to use in the outdoor LED lights, so the light bulb to weather or to withstand humid outdoor conditions. Product certification some LED bulbs conform to safety standards is very important. If LED bulbs energy star standards, will be a bonus. Because the energy star certification of brightness, color, and requires a high degree of energy use. CCC certification within the scope of the general LED lighting products including 6 kinds of LED lighting products. Stationary general LED lamps and lanterns, such as LED lawn lamp, garden lamp; Portable general LED lamps and lanterns, such as reading lamp, droplight, the sitting room the bedroom absorb dome light, embedded LED lamps and lanterns, such as LED tube lamp, ceiling lamp; LED lamps and lanterns of aquatic animals box; Power socket installation LED night light; The ground embedded LED lamps and lanterns. Warranty period due to the LED bulb is more expensive than traditional light bulbs, so you should choose a brand manufacturers warranty. A good LED bulbs should be at least three to five years warranty.
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