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Zhongshan lighting zhongshan market of lamps and lanterns _ _ zhongshan lamp brand

by:Longjian     2020-10-07
2019 lamps and lanterns industry development present situation, and in the future market trend analysis our country's lighting electrical products of the factory of the world, products are exported to nearly 220 countries and regions, the domestic lighting market accounted for more than about 20% to the global lighting market. Continue to consolidate the lighting electrical products production, export and consumption power. Lighting electrical appliance industry in our country for 20 years has been maintaining a state of rapid, stable and sustainable development, in 2018 the industry overall sales of about 580 billion yuan, about 3 higher than 2017 yuan in 560 billion. 6%, the main reason is influenced by a significant dollar depreciation, although export growth from $2017 in 38. 8 billion to $41. 2 billion, but converted into RMB contribution to promote the overall sales growth is limited. Overall, although the industry overall sales is growing, but compared to previous years, the slowdown in the growth, has been transformed from rapid growth to the steady growth. Lighting electrical appliance industry in China is currently in the transformation and upgrading of the development of traditional lighting to LED lighting deepening stage. Due to the LED lighting products of technology mature gradually in recent years, the cost is reduced significantly, tended to make the output of traditional lighting products declines year by year. Absorb dome light brand in 2018, guangzhou, guangzhou lamp brand, is the national lighting industry accumulated advocate business wu income margin is 6. 96%, higher than light industry all margins average revenue is zero. 69%. Small class is more from the industry perspective, electric light source advocate business wu income margin is 7. 3%, higher than the other two groups. From the controlling type, collective holding up, aggregate advocate business wu income margin to 13. 12%; The second is privately held, advocate business wu income margin is 7. 4%, were higher than the industry average. From regional comparison, hainan, gansu, henan the lighting industry in the top three cumulative advocate business wu income margin. Among them, the electric light source make the cumulative profit margin of main business income ranked the top three areas of henan, sichuan and hebei. According to the enterprise scale, large enterprises advocate business wu income margin is 8. 84%, medium-sized enterprises advocate business wu income margin total of 7. Profit margins of 21%, small businesses accumulated revenue is 5. 73%. In 2018, lighting electrical appliance industry listed in an unprecedented boom, gold d ShaHua, op, clear figure, McGonagall is blue, the summer au, nock, times, jiamei, shepherd, the lighting, and so on more than ten lighting industry related enterprise successively on the mainboard, lighting industry also from around 2010 a few listed companies expand to more than 50, more than 150 new three board enterprise. In addition to the number of companies to share reform to preparations for the listing, subsequent courageously to test the waters will also have more lighting enterprise capital market. And this kind of situation is gradually improved in recent years, such as the hardbound room joint procurement of large real estate developers, hotel chain group purchasing, large foreign chain super concentrated standard procurement, unified landscape lighting in the urban management department of a large project bidding, etc. , these big customers purchasing have a tendency to intensive, and in the supply chain, will form the target specification, size, brand focus, category in a new standard.
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