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by:Longjian     2020-10-06
Lamp act the role ofing to teach you how to choose lamps and lanterns, to better the quality of life! Lamp act the role ofing, like clothing, don't only pay attention to the external things. Your lamp is not necessarily good, but it's too cheap lamp must be bad. Lamps and lanterns, like clothing, not only pay attention to the external things, to run, scientific and reasonable choice of lamps and lanterns. So how to choose lamps and lanterns? Lamp is like a room eyes, eyes bright, look natural there will be a spirit. The pattern of the lamps and lanterns, type, color in the market now is enough consumers carry presbyopia, most consumers when choosing lamps and lanterns has some mistake. This requires that before decorate, the lamps and lanterns of various parts for the home decoration is the understanding of the whole. A, lamps and lanterns to decorate a style to agree on the market of lamps and lanterns of phyletic and various, from the installation, lamps and lanterns has fixed, embedded lamps and lanterns, portable lamps, etc. The lamps and lanterns of general family expenses are fixed, such as lamps and lanterns, and portable lamps and lanterns; Due to higher constraints, embedded lamps and lanterns is less. So before buying lamps and lanterns, be sure to do your homework in advance. Also is to look at their own home decorate a style suitable for what kind of lamps and lanterns. The colour of lamps and lanterns, modelling, style, must be commensurate with the style of interior decoration and furniture, each other echo. Second, check the certificate when choosing lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, the first thing to be clear: expensive is not necessarily is good, but it's too cheap must be bad. A lot of cheap lamp quality closes nevertheless, often hidden dangers, consequence is unimaginable. Then check the identity of lamps and lanterns. This is like the id card of lamps and lanterns, to see if the above information is complete, the product model, lamps and lanterns, frequency, voltage, the manufacturer, the name of the 3 c information such as the anti-counterfeiting mark, to lamps and lanterns is qualified. Three, different room lights to discriminate can use lights in each room, if it is all the rooms are with the same lamp is ok? Or choose a beautiful point of light in the sitting room, as for the other room, so long as the light to lighting? The answer is clearly no. Don't look down upon these lights, although as a whole from the function is used for light, but specific to each room use of light is not the same. If choose the wrong lamp, and may bring harm to your eyesight. Four, too bright too pretty light shoulds not be long on some consumers like to choose the sort of colorful light, feel very have atmosphere, very beautiful. Although color light source and chimney can produce strong effect, but in fact the colorful light easy to disperse energy, light is not very big, also to the person's eyesight is hurt. And from the decorates a style, is not easy to match a good effect. Friends when choosing lamps and lanterns, besides the quality, also need to pay attention to other places. Is not to say that the brighter the light is better, the more color, the better. The correct approach should be used scientifically, according to the need to select light source, choose lamps and lanterns. Five, when install lamps and lanterns lighting tips, if the mount points switch, can save a lot of trouble. Because if there is only one master switch, with a few lights on and off, can't choose the light and shade, also will waste electricity, switch and mount points can choose according to need to open a few lights at any time. If the house the place that take the door, a hallway at the end of the corridor is better also install a switch, so that after taking the door can directly turn off power supply, and don't need to go back to the door to turn off the lights. European contracted lamps and lanterns chooses a: contracted and fashionable amorous feelings most people choose the sitting room lamps and lanterns, Jane will overall personality from the sitting room lap ways to think about the selection of lamps and lanterns, this in common, is contracted and fashionable modern lamps and lanterns. Most of these lamps and lanterns chooses the lightweight aluminum metal materials, contracted and reveal fashionable qi, and the whole atmosphere of the sitting room. In the modern city life, most of the young people will be the modern personality as a first choice for sitting room lighting lamps and lanterns. Appearance contracted lamps at the same time, the small family decoration is very appropriate also, can build a very strong fashionable breath. Jane's sitting room lamps and lanterns select experience. 2: low luxury style some homeowners like could usefully, so in Jane's personality in the sitting room, can choose allocate a luxurious lamps and lanterns of atmosphere. For example, a glittering and translucent crystal droplight, rich colors, elegant appearance, of will whole sitting room space foil elegant, elegant temperament. If you have a heart, if you want to build a sweet and beautiful space, then choose a belong to your own to guangzhou lighting lamps and lanterns, will definitely bring you surprises ~ ~
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