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by:Longjian     2020-10-07
Explore aesthetic lighting new journey to build the new era of lighting industry in the annual festival, thumb up gold award for outstanding brand for this session of congress on the finger 1 farmers games BBS, 2 points, BBS and 1 awards, experts from all over the country provinces and cities to learn, municipal department heads, artistic beauty profession higher-ups, well-known designers, owner representative and lighting manufacturers, different field such as engineering leading enterprises nearly 500 lighting people gather together to discuss the aesthetic lighting applications in lighting design construction, explore the development direction of the light 'aesthetics' and the direction of propagation, at the same time as the eighth 'golden finger' award winning trophy by individuals, businesses, projects, products and certificates, witness lighting industry 2018 honorary awards. The jiuzhou optoelectronics was invited to attend, the latest research and development of fangyuan line lamp series products won the 'award' 2018 gold finger - — 'Excellent LED lamp line brand' award, jiuzhou optoelectronic domestic lighting division liu bang, special assistant to the general manager Mr Lane on behalf of the company receive the 'outstanding LED lamp line brand' honorary certificate and trophy. Lights to aesthetics, insights landscape lighting industry in recent years, in the future as the tour city landscape lighting and lighting, 'aesthetic lighting' was born, guangzhou crystal lamp droplight, opple absorb dome light, as a new development trend of landscape lighting industry. Aesthetic lighting is a design of landscape lighting project based on aesthetics, is the combination of cultural creative aesthetics and lamplight, it is lamplight reflect the aesthetic value, it put forward by the new era endowed with more connotation and concept, means that the landscape lighting design is no longer confined to illuminate the environment, but create a comfortable light, the light became a form of aesthetic significance. At the same time, to explore the design of lighting art talent, to give more opportunities for college students to provide lighting design of actual combat, this conference also for the national colleges and universities students to set up the lighting creative product award, selected from the group hundred entries outstanding, unique creative work, fully found lighting art in the design of innovative, interactive, diverse, and vibrant new force. Due to aesthetic lighting lighting layout, the relationship between light and shade, color temperature, choice of lamps and lanterns, construction design, municipal engineering, lighting management and so on several aspects, this conference invited to many industry experts, professors, scholars and design large coffee, to explain aesthetic lighting lighting design in the practical application and the problems existing in the industry, and on the construction of aesthetic value and landscape lighting management specification published on some hot topics. Aesthetic lighting theme of exploring the congress, and closely related to the pulse of time development of landscape lighting and industrial development trend, with golden finger prize for media and innovation platform, wisdom, all, for the urban landscape lighting industry in innovation and development, comprehensive and technical breakthrough of content and so on into the new vitality and development perspective, help lights from pure practical walked into the palace of art, promoting the prosperity of the industry, service economy.
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