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by:Longjian     2020-10-05
High light technology at China chain summit open Internet + tax chapter recently, the chain-like management association of China ( CCFA) At the 2018 China shopping center and the chain brand development summit in shenzhen grand opening. The summit theme of 'connecting new business ecosystem, build the new consumption platform', and more than 200 famous enterprises, 500 guests attended the event. High light technology as WeChat electronic invoice solution providers are also involved in the high light of science and technology, vice President and CTO Yang guang 'digital tax' at the summit to deliver a speech on the BBS, power consumption is the electronic invoice with forum guests to share new ecological project. According to Yang guang, high light technology formerly known as 'gaopeng', the main business for the group purchase and WeChat movie tickets, then the company strategic transformation, start doing electronic invoices and transformation in February this year completed A round of funding. In may this year, gaopeng officially change the name of the company to 'high light technology co. , LTD. ' in hainan, for companies to provide electronic invoice billing services. Yang guang said, for the enterprise, electronic invoice many benefits. The first is make out an invoice cost greatly reduced. A unique restaurant, for example, the original open an invoice need to be at the checkout counter set related electronic equipment, including computers, tax disk, network, printer and so on, also need to pay the artificial cost, plus the cost of paper, comprehensive, the cost of each paper invoice going to 1. 6 yuan, 1. 7 yuan, and use the electronic invoice after process is digital, the restaurant can reduce the cost of make out an invoice to 200 dollars a year, less than a dollar a day, the cost of only a few cents. Second, the electronic invoice will become a connector. Yang Guangju king of the baby, for example, as wanda children forms of well-known enterprises, the king of baby consumption is relatively expensive, but consumption frequency is high, basically consumers per ticket will be open. High light technology is such a partnership with wanda, namely by the electronic invoice series connection has the wisdom of the new retail form, consumers into the store members, consumption is make out an invoice, make out an invoice is integral. In the smart high efficiency at the same time, to solve the problem of enterprise tax precision marketing improve conversion rate. In addition, high light technology as a solution WeChat electronic invoice operators, in recent days with tencent cloud reached a strategic cooperation, set up the tax cloud platform based on tencent cloud infrastructure, for telecommunications, transportation, catering, hotel, Courier, tourism, electricity, retail and other industry enterprises solve the problem of tax, open a new chapter of corporate tax. What is tax cloud? 'Tax cloud can provide reimbursement, archiving, authentication, inspection and other services. 'Yang guang said. High light on tencent cloud with a sales tax cloud, make out a bill, hosting services, make originally each enterprise essential 'financial room' and 'invoice exists' can be replaced; At the time of the tax audit, the enterprise can extract the relevant information on tax cloud, greatly reduce the labor costs. In addition to Yang guang share, in the exhibition, we also see the high light of science and technology staff show to visit merchants to represent the tax cloud products on business and the fiscal and taxation system of science and technology advantage: output management, early warning, the input tax return, risk control management, application Settings, electronic invoice and business statistics, will realize the whole tax efficient coverage, data connection, visualization and intelligent management, operation and integration of the fiscal and taxation. We have learned, along with the state administration of taxation policies push 'Internet + tax reform, the industry also responded positively to promote the application of the electronic invoice. High light technology will also be in guangzhou in succession, yangjiang, zhuhai, hainan, hubei, guangxi and other places with the tax authorities to cooperate, promote popularization and development of electronic invoice, create 'WeChat electronic invoice pioneer city', building common digital financial ecosystem, products and services to provide efficient electronic invoice. While further reduce operating costs for the enterprise, promote the livelihood of the people, life to provide more convenience for the people.
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