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Zhongshan lighting zhongshan market of lamps and lanterns _

by:Longjian     2020-10-06
Visual Comfort&Co lamps and lanterns: to provide you with a unique value in the modern family, lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns has plays an important function, but for a long time, people have become accustomed to the existence of lamps and lanterns, ignored their aesthetic functionality. So when in the choice of lamps and lanterns people often choose to do with it. But the family is decorated is a holistic project, every link can't make do. VISUAL COMFORT comes from the United States, was founded in 1987, VISUAL COMFORT, which owns the most abundant resources of American designer. Nearly 30 years, the VISUAL COMFORT with the natural material, excellent quality and unique manual craft to become the most influential brand of lighting design. Rich VISUAL COMFORT to become the world's cutting-edge design model of a high standard of technology and production platform. Lighting industry since 1996, the legend of Mr. 桑迪。 Chapman has become the Visual Comport&Co chief designer. Under his leading, we created the first typical products - 图表的房子。 Now, he kept for people to create luxury lighting design of legend. His classical design still define the traditional lamp is acted the role of the core idea of for the people. Has a dual identity designer and businessman, Thomas acclaimed in the field of indoor soft outfit, he is the soul of the combination of traditional and modern style designer. Founded in 1992, Aero, Thomas, is good at interpretation in a gentle and easy to accept style modernistic design, both private apartments and commercial space, product design to brand art consultant, guangzhou contracted Europe type lamp, guangzhou Chinese style lamp, new Chinese style lamps and lanterns, his work is famous for its stability and restoring ancient ways is elegant, and classical forms have the same sense of simplicity of the 20th century, and rural and delicate, the balance between comfort and rare, made his modern tastes. VISUAL COMFORT still maintain its unique technology, and in 2001 produced the first batch of droplight, the customer tests, the resulting enthusiastic praise, more promoted the increase of product variety. Years, CANGINI&TUCCI in lighting industry have been insist on yourself, keep the technical characteristics, investment in innovation and design, each piece looks similar, but is unique, fully guarantee the made in America. Attention to detail reflects the American ingenuity, using high quality materials to produce high quality products. From the choice of design details to the decoration and color range, the choice of consumers have very big space, provide consumers with unique products, real value of the lamps and lanterns.
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