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Zhongshan lighting zhongshan market of lamps and lanterns _

by:Longjian     2020-10-05
Lighting lighting industry will enter a new era of energy saving with the improvement of consumption level, the layout form, type of light source of lamps and lanterns, the style of the lamp and the light distribution and so on have become the top priority in household. Lamps light source, more diversified development, is the development goal of guangzhou lighting lighting industry, under the premise of to energy-saving lighting lighting products, lighting lighting industry will enter a new era of energy conservation. According to the function in order to better energy saving, light to: general lighting and focus lighting. General lighting with general illumination, and for art, porch space such as accent lighting must be used. 1, corridor, corridor lighting. Corridor is the space that people often ambulating, first impression is to enter indoor, generally use small spherical light, circular or square absorb dome light, its specifications, size, size should be matched with the sitting room. 2, the sitting room lighting. The sitting room is a member of the family activity center, the number of lamp act the role ofing and brightness are adjustable, make family style fully displayed. More with the method of combining the general lighting and local lighting, namely a main light, with a variety of other auxiliary lighting. Floor lamp lamp market such as: guangzhou, the guangzhou market, etc. 3, bedroom lighting. Bedroom main function is to rest, but not a single area of sleep. The choice of modelling, colour of lamps and lanterns, to give priority to in order to create an atmosphere of quiet, sweet. Lighting system with indirect or diffuse advisable. Indoor use indirect lighting, it is the color of the ceiling light, reflected light effect is good, if use small low wattage spot light, ceiling should be dark, which can build a soft romantic emotional atmosphere. Try to avoid the bed below the arrangement of the chandelier, this man was lying in bed, a light won't stimulate eyes. The berth lamp of utilization is higher in the bedroom and bedroom, compared to other lights bedside lamp is utilization rate is very high. In addition to have the effect of supplementary lighting, sweet atmosphere can foil, decorative home during the day, night reading, night lighting, everywhere can be used to it, so choosing a right lamp can give his hut a bonus. 4, the kitchen lighting. The kitchen lighting requirements for brightness is very high, because the people who spend a longer time in the kitchen, so the lights should be comfortable and attractive, it can improve the enthusiasm of the production of food. General Settings in the upper part of the work station of embedded type or half embedded astigmatism absorb dome light, embedded mask in a transparent glass, in this way, the ceiling is simple and easy, can reduce dust, late also convenient to clean. Hearth above general Settings take lampblack chance, hood with invisible small incandescent lamp, for working in the lighting. If the kitchen and dining room, can be set up in the table above single cover fire lift or single fork droplight. Light source incandescent light bulbs, appropriate USES warm color, unfavorable use cool color fluorescent lamp.
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