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Zhongshan lighting _ zhongshan lamps and lanterns of northern Europe

by:Longjian     2020-09-18
Want to live comfortable and warm, choose the lamps and lanterns of the Nordic is the key in the home decorative light, is the most commonly used to select good can make our homes more beautiful, also have a very good adornment effect for our home, the furniture of boreal Europe style should be how to choose the lamps and lanterns? Many people will choose the lamps and lanterns of the great pearl, this thing is very busy, is not suitable for our use in boreal Europe style, but in boreal Europe style lamps and lanterns is indispensable. Let us know about the characteristics of lamps and lanterns and lamps and lanterns of the Nordic Nordic style analysis of the content. Nordic lamps and lanterns: the characteristics of this kind of lamps and lanterns of northern Europe has been impressed us is simple and easy, and it has elegant luxury space aesthetic feeling. On design of numerous design also many, it's important to note that the material is not the comparison of european-style lights, the main thing is that the aesthetic feeling of boreal Europe style lamps and lanterns, ornamental, fitness, and can better express the style of the house. We can also see the production characteristics of lamps and lanterns of northern Europe, it should be very few people have to understand that the production of lamps and lanterns Nordic is the steel after cold rolling, with artificial bending and ChengXiang modelling, it then needs to burnish, finalized, then wash and finally form a want to color arc before it. Nordic style analysis of lamps and lanterns: 1, north European rural wind our north European rural wind, not just say some design on decoration design, the design of interior decoration will be this kind of style, two main points, British and French rural style. British features colorful cloth art and pure handmade, floral, stripes, Scotland, every match is a kind of local flavour is dye-in-the-wood, the characteristics of French is furniture wash white processing and bold colors. 2, north European classical style the European classical style lamps and lanterns is actually refers to western classical style, it is also affected by the cultural history of various countries, each country has its unique design characteristics. The classical style with luxuriant adornment, strong color, elegant modelling elegant adornment fashion effect, the modern urbanite to enter a rational orientation of the consumption era. 3, the modern style and our Scandinavian modernism is widely popular, its design is simple and practical structure, reflected in building structure between decorate a style, not too much adornment modelling. It inherits the original pointed roof, sloping roof, Shi Mu structure increased the daylighting of the large area glass and on the basis of modern steel structure. The lamps and lanterns of Nordic design fit for urban ethnic charms, let a person plaint most is that the beauty of simplicity. Contour lines and is not complicated, but is easy to portray an incredibly simple but elegant and postmodern aesthetic feeling.
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