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Zhongshan lighting _ zhongshan lamps and lanterns of modern brand

by:Longjian     2020-09-17
In 2019, contemporary and contracted the development trend of modern lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns originated in the early 90 s, 2000 years after be used for household decoration industry formally lighting design, hotel design category between example. The temperament of contemporary and contracted lamps and lanterns with its fashion, concise win the hearts of many young people, in advocating personality s are being more and more young gens. Is lighting and architectural decoration style, a kind of art is closely related to the trend of The Times. In classical, neoclassical and pastoral romance, contemporary and contracted style categories, contemporary and contracted style of lamp act the role ofing with stick to The Times, the characteristics of the fusion of fashion, for many lighting consumer favorite. Contemporary and contracted style of lamp act the role ofing is widely sought after by the market in recent years, mainly because of the current mainstream consumers have turned to 80 after 90 after the younger generation, their freedom of thought and economic independence, the pursuit of personality and fashion sense. In addition, the modern commercial housing generally tend to be stereotyped, appearance is contracted, architecture founder, storey height is short, suitable for the use of modern home decoration style and modern lamps and lanterns. Modern lamps mainly has the following characteristics: 1, full of fashion and elegant temperament. 2, the nature, advocate natural. 3, colorful, sweet and elegant. 4, pay attention to energy saving, economical and practical. 5, a variety of combinations, the function is all ready. From the connotation of the brand, China's current lighting brand, compared with other mature industries, such as luxury goods, apparel, automotive industry, lighting industry in China is still very young. Now prescient manufacturers began to brand route, it is a process of qualitative change. Do brand one of the important principles, that is must start from the boss of concept hierarchy. Only when the enterprise brand leaders have a high degree of brand awareness, in the brand construction on the road to stick to go on. Leader and corporate culture, there is a consensus before they could make such a good product. Modern lamps and lanterns is in from 'light up' to the 'beautiful' the transformation, more emphasis on ornamental and aesthetic effect. The design and manufacture of modern lamps and lanterns use modern science and technology, combining classical and contemporary modelling, reflect the achievements of modern lighting technology. China lighting the road of brand to move towards the world, 'lights are China,' into 'lights' in the world, and a long and winding road, the need to 'lights' devoted to realize this great goal.
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