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Zhongshan lighting _ zhongshan lamps and lanterns

by:Longjian     2020-10-08
With love, with professional light 'happiness'. Guangzhou lighting co. , LTD. , founded in 1990, is a collection of sales, lamps and lanterns design, soft outfit design, installation in one of the diversified company, is operating lamps and lanterns is one of the oldest private enterprise in guangzhou region, at present, the company in guangzhou city lamps market operation area of more than 6000 square meters. The company main business goods to the hotel, home, office, factories and mines, municipal road lighting is given priority to, such as covers household, luxurious style, contracted style, European style, Chinese style classic, etc. , brand diversification of business: international brands of lamps and lanterns: da d ShaHua, gold, until ty, g raz. Domestic well-known brands: times elegant, nock, emperor, Ming figure. The familiar brand: op and other international and domestic brands. Along with the development, the company is not only a single industry of lamps and lanterns, now in smart home and soft outfit industry, agent for the furniture brand ace, the United States. Soft outfit brand is premium brands in the industry, involved in the early field obtained the favorable comment of customer, opens up a blank area for the enterprise. For more than twenty years, the enterprise has always been to 'take the science as the forerunner, quality as the core, service as guarantee' for the purpose, in line with the principle of customer first, service for the business management, formed a high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service, the company has four international lighting designers, sales and installation team, is a higher design and installation services. The company acting brand - — Jin da d ShaHua jindal lighting crystal lamp lit beautiful gold of lighting, design is the focus of the emphasis on the design of the elegant luxury and comfortable. While retain the furniture color and texture, and adapted to the modern life space. These lights meet the personalized requirements of the modern people. Every piece of work, full of passion of lighting design of research and development, is a creative designer in passing on the work piece in the workshop. Years like song jin da d ShaHua match well of Chinese and western classic combines both western elegance and Oriental verve noble golden both retained the texture of the metal and highlights the noble temperament of glittering and translucent get rid of crystal presents a concise cooperating with pale gold color with light and decoration of the beauty of swarovski crystal added noble character perfect application is to let light years longer, the more classic gleamed gold da d ShaHua personalized fashion is new era reveals people's way of life by the swarovski crystal with high quality copper fusion accomplished a boutique lighting extremely shocked metallic simple sense is a journey to originality of fire and light crystal light shining crystal is a vivid of light and shadow magic. It is a kind of life attitude low-key, comfortable without injury noble and elegant bright sky king da d ShaHua nightfall the vast sky is a star-filled sky quiet under the stars with refined it is people pursuit of life and this kind of lamp act the role ofing can bring your heart to feel whole and detail consideration is the combination of the insight and consummate craft of tide of whole majestic let light and crystal light emits bright light in the world is in the details of scientific and consummate skill let each swarovski crystals distributed culture just like the night under the countless stars shining quietly said the story of romance and happiness and adhering to the design and production of high quality lighting products for the user to create the light of modern civilization culture 'everyone who loves life, are worthy of tender for'
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