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by:Longjian     2020-10-05
Guangzhou lighting with environmental protection concept, but also a bit warm in guangzhou lighting in the city environmental protection concept, urban street lamp with a warmth, also has become a common people in the streets, parks, squares and other public areas of the lighting lighting. As is known to all, usually lights work continuously for a long time, as long as more than 10 hours a day lighting, not only affect the service life of the lamp itself, more power. According to relevant data shows that the general street light fever, light in all directions. Although improved the street lamp irradiation area, high power makes electricity consumption. As a result, exploration of new energy-saving lamps has become the focus of many people. Recently, the reporter visited guangzhou lighting company product launches. Reporter discovery, many dealers, and enterprise or business unit representatives came to visit. This time, the company introduced a lamp series, and the main environmental protection concept, is well received by partners who repeatedly. Site, have special personnel to introduce products, lighting brand in the new product, are made of LED lights, high photosynthetic efficiency, small heat, the most important thing is the low consumption. Site manager also said: 'compared to the traditional street lamp light often adopt high pressure sodium lamp 360 degrees, easy to cause energy waste; Used LED lights and lighting, belongs to the directional light, can save unnecessary energy consumption. 'The manager said. At the same time, Mr. Lin said that the prominent contradiction between supply and demand of energy in our country. Therefore, it is imperative to energy conservation and consumption reduction, and LED street lamp design conforms to the trend of energy saving. Partners during Mr. Lin told reporters that he is a city urban construction management. 'I know to come to the main guangzhou lighting new products, and back to the samples and the related data, so that the later cooperation. 'Lin explained. Then, follow Mr Lin and manager, the reporter understands to each lighting products for more details. Lighting is committed to provide the market with 'guangzhou environmental protection product, and thereby to help people build sweet city. 'Is introduced to the market manager. This new product on the basis of the old product, had significantly improved. Through the adoption of philips LED chips, directional light more focus and energy saving; Cooperate with the east LingDian source at the same time, improve the use of safe persistence. From then on, the LED lamp not only consume less power, also raised the service life and achieve 4 years warranty time. Guangzhou lighting variety, absorb dome light, chandelier, crystal lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, covering the household life of every scene. 13 series, hundreds of products, everything is made, designers originality for owner with practical and beautiful lighting. Led lighting factory is life of each product in the energy conservation as an important standard, its light source is higher than ordinary incandescent lights, longer life, energy saving save electricity, essential to life
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