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by:Longjian     2020-10-05
Graffiti smart in India international lighting lighting show: for the kingdom of the peacock light beacon on October 11, 2018 13, India Frankfurt international lighting lighting show, Hereinafter referred to as India lighting lighting exhibition) Held in new Delhi, India. Graffiti intelligent with many different function of intelligent lighting products, bluetooth mesh lamp array and 'wisdom' whole house intelligence experience area. India lighting lighting exhibition by India's light source and component manufacturers association ( ELCOMA) Cooperate with German Frankfurt exhibition company. The former is India lighting industry's most authoritative industry group, the latter is the world-famous international convention and exhibition company. India lighting lighting exhibition is India's biggest event in lighting industry, the exhibition area will reach 20000 square meters, more than 300 international enterprises, from China, Spain, Italy, Japan, Britain and other countries of professional lighting enterprises gathered, known as philips lighting, C& S electric co. , LTD. , bajaj appliances, Trilux lighting, Zalux companies in the United States are in the exhibitors. As India's most influential lighting industry exhibition, the India lighting lighting fair appeal for more than 25000 professional visitors, including wholesalers, distributors, agents architects, builders and land developers, etc. , India's department of energy (doe), the central public works department ( CPWD) , India building council, the automotive industry, the ministry of railways and other institutions have also commissioner in the exhibition site visit and discuss the related lighting products. According to statistics, India has a population of 1. 3 billion, known as the kingdom of peacock, with the demographic dividend to bring strong domestic demand and manufacturing, has become one of the country's fastest growing economy in the world, is also one of the most important international emerging markets. Despite India's economic potential is considerable, the peacock of the kingdom of the infrastructure is still weak, more than 80 million people still use kerosene lamps, 70% of road have not yet set up street lamp. Poor and backward state of the hidden behind the unlimited business opportunities. Huge domestic demand and energy saving reconstruction project, to India's lighting market presents the momentum of rapid growth, LED lighting field, only the size of the market in 2015 to 9. $2. 4 billion in 2016, the size of the market has reached 11. 47 $400 million, the annual growth. 1%, is expected to reach 2020 17. 1. 5 billion dollars. The Indian government more UJALA plan was proposed, namely the purchase energy-efficient lighting replace all inefficient bulb plan, making India lighting market is immeasurable. Although India lighting lighting fair in international well-known enterprise together, graffiti intelligence is still one of the most popular booths. For exhibitors more manufacturers and brands, only a graffiti intelligence as a 'global intelligent platform' exhibition: does not produce products, but service cooperative enterprise, to provide one-stop Internet of artificial intelligence solution. Graffiti intelligent lighting solutions has covered include ball bubble lamp, lamp, wall lamp, tube lamp, table lamp, all major lighting products, support WiFi, ZigBee and mainstream mesh, GPRS network, voice control, remote control, intelligent scene three characteristics, such as the user can according to oneself be fond of random color, brightness and color temperature adjustment. Bluetooth mesh lamp array is another a suction eye products. The user can through the adjust lamp array of color and brightness, lamp array will with changes color as the background music rhythm. In addition to fun, bluetooth mesh technology is also highly practical value. Communicate via bluetooth mesh intelligent lighting technology, in the city and wisdom play an important role in the construction of buildings, can realize precise lighting, high efficiency and energy saving. Smart sensors use collocation, can also go beyond a single illumination function, greatly enhance product added value. Lighting lighting fair in India, the world famous lighting company's team in the form of many Chinese companies, including several by graffiti intelligent cooperative enterprises to provide technical solutions. India lighting market is a particularly attractive piece of cake, with a huge consumption potential, graffiti intelligence on the one hand, will help domestic lighting enterprises realize the intelligent transformation, on the other hand will also be Chinese intelligent lighting lighting enterprises laid into India market.
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