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Zhongshan lighting _ zhongshan brand new Chinese style lamps and lanterns

by:Longjian     2020-09-17
What style of lamps and lanterns? There is always a new for you: Chinese style lamps and lanterns and traditional modelling design exquisite symmetry. Compared with strives for perfection the new Chinese style style, Chinese style lamps and lanterns also pay attention to color contrast, design is often more clarity on the Chinese style element such as painting landscape painting, dragons and phoenixes, and flowers and birds, pay attention to the classical and the charm of Chinese traditional culture. New Chinese style is classic the modelling of lamps and lanterns design pattern, more from the Chinese traditional auspicious pattern, 'plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum' four gentlemen, 'phoenix, crane, pigeons, oriole, mandarin duck' acquisition of figure, etc. , have reflected a celebration of the happy life of modern people. Contemporary and contracted lamps and lanterns: commercial lighting, industrial lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting and home lighting. Contemporary and contracted lamps and lanterns is gentle and elegant texture requirements, the entire three-dimensional form and methodically, rhythmic curve one. Lamps and lanterns of contemporary and contracted pays attention to the more important thing is to see the modern lamps and lanterns can coordinate the whole and indoor and outdoor environment at the same time highlighting te point of modern lamps and decorative effect, akira shows contemporary and contracted decorate the same effect is the essence of contemporary and contracted style lamps and lanterns is real. Because modern contracted home decoration design will use many of the characteristics of contemporary and contracted: by curves and asymmetric lines, such as flower stalk huaguduo, vines, insect wings and its nature, all sorts of beautiful, undulating form design, etc. , these elements are often can be applied to the furniture, lamps and lanterns. Nordic lamps and lanterns: because the winter cold and the nights are short, northern europeans had to stay in the room, for a long time nature also want to spend more time and money on furniture design. In the face of cold nature conditions, 'warm' and 'moderate', 'comfort' is the northern europeans do furniture design has always been the pursuit of keywords. These seem to have become a set of boreal Europe style household decorates the standard configuration, and the soft material selection are reflecting the true spirit of the Nordic design - — Looking for 'warm'. American lamps and lanterns: American the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns is refers to American decorate a style, is one of the evolution of American life habit now way. Modelling of lamps and lanterns, American style is varied, the raw materials are usually choose relatively unique, wrought iron fittings, amethyst, shells, such as natural material, temperament elegant, the pursuit of a noble feeling, represents the owner's extraordinary life grade. American style lamps and lanterns design exquisite simplicity, mainly reflected on the details. Especially in is usually choose droplight, wrought iron structure as the framework, in order to highlight the characteristics of material itself, its architecture itself has become a kind of adornment. And the material of lamp relatively common: wrought iron shell, crystal, light, many natural materials into the American desk lamp. This makes American is more beautiful than other styles of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns. Lamps and lanterns more American are moving, warm, natural and romantic, and laid-back. Because americans look forward to is arbitrary fashion trends of rural style, this is the real American style home design essence, so American chimney choose color is cool color department is given priority to, rice white, pale yellow, linen and so on.
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