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Zhongshan lighting _ zhongshan bedroom lamps and lanterns _ zhongshan reading lamp

by:Longjian     2020-10-04
Many people miss the lamps and lanterns of switch - — Personal bedroom bedroom as most private place in the home, containing many of our embarrassing and unknown secret, for example, people are afraid of the dark night after the door closed the lamp in the bedroom, quickly ran to the bed, if the eye is bad, still have to be into the corner of a bed, pain and fear. And for those who love reading, but also to the bedroom door to turn off the light when you sleep, insecure, both for people with 'lazy' cancer also no happiness. Bedroom lamp like the sitting room is the most reasonable design, the design of the bedroom door and dual control of the head of a bed, had better be the head of a bed can design a bedroom lamp control on both sides, according to one and a half after lie and lie down can come into contact with the scope of the switch height range is best at 0. 55 meters - 0. 58 meters between. Habit because each person is different, so the double switch suitable for both husband and wife of the head of a bed room, is also very convenient for the elderly and children, in the middle of a night eye is bad, don't have to run to the door turn on the light, will avoid grumps. For the Chinese, the epitome of the house is the home of, for the Chinese family values are very heavy, have a sense of security, have their own house there is a heart habitats. The switch of reasonable design, help you firmly lock the safe.
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