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by:Longjian     2020-09-15
Lamps and lanterns should choose how many watts? About the brightness of the light, I have experience greatly, now live house is rent, the landlord choose lamps and lanterns is the comparison of the modelling chic droplight, an advocate the lamp also has several light bulbs, but the brightness was very embarrassed, after turn on the light at night there is a cinema, the light is very dark! 1 a, how to choose the bulb. The flux reference, see house area of reference data is a square meter of luminous flux, such as 10 square meters is the area of the room, you need 10 ㎡ x ( 100 ~ 300) LM / ㎡ = 1000 ~ 3000 LM luminous flux. 2. Is decided by the function of the space based on the luminous flux, and then according to the function to determine the space, such as the reference table above, general activity is 100 lm / ㎡, writing reading requires 300 lm / ㎡, but put the desk in the bedroom, if was a main light, then the general activity, will seem too bright, can use at this time 'mixed lighting', which is of a lamp or other auxiliary lighting. 3. Wattage and luminous flux in most People's Daily habits, buy the light bulb is only know wattage ( W) And told everybody wattage relationship with luminous flux is what? This leads to another concept - — Photosynthetic efficiency, lm / W) And the efficiency of electric energy into light energy. The 20 W bulb, for example, photosynthetic efficiency is 100 lm/W, LED light source of photosynthetic efficiency in commonly 90 ~ 130 lm/W) , the luminous flux = 20 W * 100 lm/W = 2000 lm. Because each business and different types of bulb lights, you of the choose and buy is can see the product packaging or information consulting business. 4. The Lord will not too dark? In the case of multiple lamp, luminous flux is generally additive. For example, a 10 ㎡ room, need the luminous flux of 1000 ~ 3000 lm. A canister light flux is 200 lm, so in theory in the uniform space to install 5 ~ 15 of tube lamp can satisfy the use. In actual situation, of course, a 10 square meters of space can't hold so much canister light, this time can be in 6 200 lm cylinder under general activity on the basis of enough light in the corner of the desk the desk lamp of individually in a 300 lm, because the scope of the desk to illuminate is probably 1 ㎡, that is fine. Of course, this way of lighting, contrary to advocate the lamp lighting design, can make whole space is bright but the middle area is relatively dark. Second, the factors affecting dimensional brightness feelings to flux as bulb is can choose, but is integral illume, factors to consider are: (1) color space, such as appear dim and dark space, the space of light color is more bright. (2) the size of furniture, if some of the larger size of the furniture in the space will block light, this time also want to consider good reasonable separation of light will be more comfortable. (3) personal feelings, which is one of the most important, because everyone is different to the sensitivity of the light, I met a customer, he asked every corner of the house are 'very bright', because he likes bright feeling. To summarize the article mentioned several concepts: (1) flux ( Units: lm) The radiated power, refers to the human eye can feel; (2) the intensity of illumination standard, Units: LM / ㎡) , normal family reference value according to the demand of 100 ~ 300 lm / ㎡; (3) watt ( Unit: W) And power; (4) (lighting Units: lm/W) , the efficiency of electric energy into light energy, general leds luminous efficacy is 90 ~ 130 lm/W. So, if is led bulbs, is probably 1-1 flat space 3 watt bulbs. But the actual cases, the whole room is impossible in the space of reading and writing, is only a small corner, so usually 10 square meters room, probably around 10 w LED to absorb dome light, then the area of read and write, solo with desk lamp again can. In addition to the brightness, consider the color temperature of lamps and lanterns, cold light or warm light, this is also important factor to build the atmosphere that occupy the home oh.
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