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by:Longjian     2020-10-07
Guangzhou lighting | industrial design development of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns industrial design development in the first stage ( In the late 19th century early 20th century) Social background: this period belongs to the industrial design of enlightenment. From the last years of the end of the 19th century, new art movement began to appear, its influence has been involved in the current, it originated in France, then spread to other European countries including ocean the other shore of the United States. The curve of the new art movement is the representative of the new art movement style, it was based on the patterns of the imitation of natural animal and plant line undertakes decorating. The new art movement of the lamps and lanterns design also follows the style of organic curve. Lamps and lanterns design style: organic curve style characteristics of lamps and lanterns: curve modelling, color is rich, the second stage ( In the 20th century 20 - In the 30 s) Social background: this period into the industrial design forming period. The emergence of the Bauhaus school of design in 1919, the first system in the era of industrialization is discussed how to combine technology and art, the artist is no longer simply is an artist, and industrialists also gradually realize that design for product development and the importance of production organization and management. The lamps and lanterns of the Bauhaus design during the period of a high degree of rational characteristic, good functional and simple style. With the design of the blend, the United States is also influenced by Europe, to blow the modernistic design trend. On the basis of the predecessors, americans according to the environment and preferences of lamps and lanterns more concise form, the pursuit of geometry is one of the prominent characteristics. Lamps and lanterns design style: simple style, streamlined, Scandinavian style lamps and lanterns features: simple beauty, functionality, good effect in the third stage ( In the 20th century - 40 The '50 s) Social background: 40-20th century The '50 s entered the industrial design mature period. Mainstream American and European design is developed on the basis of the Bauhaus theory of modernism, its core is functionalism, emphasizes the beauty of practical items, should by the practicality and reflect to determine for the material, the structure of the real. Unlike pre-war fantasy of modernism, the post-war modernism has deep into the broad field of industrial production, is embodied in many industrial products. With the revival of the economy, the west in the 1950 s into the era of consumption, modernism began from prewar stereotype, geometric patterns, and combined with the post-war new technology, new material, formed a mature industrial design aesthetics, from modernism to 'contemporary socialism'. Lamps and lanterns design style: characteristics of modernistic style lamps and lanterns: outstanding features convenient and practical in the fourth stage ( 80 - in the 20th century In the 90 s) Social background: 80-20 century Enters a period of the diversification of industrial design in the 90 s, in the mainstream of modern design style, the present a variety of styles and explore the real colorful situation. During this period, the industrial design of the two main characteristics: one is the introspection of the modernism, internationalism style rebellion and explore, try to get onto the modernism design basis and structure to find a suitable for a new era and people's aesthetic psychological development, the second is to design concept and design idea of the deeper exploration, in the past for a better design evaluation criterion has been compromised, health, safety, comfort and development has become the new requirements of modern design, attention and focus on the environment have become two major topics in industrial design. Lamps and lanterns design style: postmodern main, new modernism, high-tech style lamps and lanterns features: practical and aesthetic combination, energy conservation, environmental protection, the fifth stage ( In the 21st century) LED era towards the social background: currently, lamps and lanterns, the semiconductor into the field of general lighting, sparked a wave of product innovation design of lamps and lanterns again. Lamps and lanterns at the same time, in addition to pay attention to energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence will develop in a direction more more, lamps and lanterns of modular development gradually into the trend. Lamps and lanterns of characteristics: high efficiency and energy saving, intelligent and humanization
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