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by:Longjian     2020-10-07
What are the particular crystal lamp sitting room feng shui? Crystal lamp for the sitting room, many people believe that as long as nice and decorate a style to match. Actually otherwise, the sitting room also has a certain crystalline light feng shui cultured. In fengshui, crystal crystal has rich contain the heavens and the earth magnetic field, according to put the position is different, have different effect, to put the crystal lamp in the living room should pay attention to its position, the stand or fall of location can affect the host accumulate gas, but also affect the decoration effect. The crystalline light what feng shui is the sitting room pays attention to? Below to see the sitting room crystalline light wind water! Crystal lamp what feng shui is exquisite one living room. Avoid is used a strange crystal lamp lighting in general, we will choose the crystalline light of round and square, a successful founder, match is more coordinate and beautiful. We do not choose some strange crystal lamp, so it is easy to make the bad moral of feng shui, produce adverse effect to his master, oh. 2. Crystalline light color taboo it lights also is to have cultured, we usually choose yellow, white, and some light color lights. Such as 'Yang fire people' pleased with the color is yellow, then can be more in household is given priority to with yellow, taboo is the colour of martial arts. 3. Crystalline light the condole top of feng shui, if your living room ceiling do condole top, we are the best choice circular crystal lamp, unfavorable choose square crystal lamp, otherwise it is easy to form a 'prison' glyph of feng shui, the pattern of feng shui is easy to destroy the magnetic field of the residence, long-term activities under the condole top of people will be very vulnerable to health threats, destroy the magnetic field of the residence. The feng shui of crystalline light effect 1 living room. Increase in wealth from the five elements, yellow soil, based on the five elements, native gold, so yellow lamp has a lucky effect. And the energies of topaz itself to have lucky, so if we choose a yellow crystal light at home, it lucky prosperous wealth function is stronger, and can increase the master's finances. 2. Promote the peach blossom index if you like romantic, still single, then we can choose pink crystal lamp in the bedroom, pink can give a person the sense with romance, and the effect of powder crystal more recruit peach blossom. Choose pink crystal lamp, so the bedroom can boost energy, play double efficacy, improve your peach blossom index oh.
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