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by:Longjian     2020-09-16
The curtain to choose what color? What is a good color curtain color geomantic exquisite curtain to choose? Curtain color geomantic exquisite bedroom is the space that we take a rest, so the whole bedroom space layout is best is sweet and comfortable, this time you may be asked what color the curtain of the bedroom, in fact, the color of the curtain of the bedroom to be decided according to the whole decorates a style, choice and style makes combining the integral style of the bedroom effect is more outstanding, guangzhou lighting today also collected some information to let everyone know about the curtain of the bedroom what color is good, also in this paper, we also have some bedroom curtain color geomancy taboo, let us together to learn. A what colour, the bedroom curtains good 1, choose the color of the both sides like, such as: warm color. Of course, also can choose according to the seasons change, such as: white, green, blue, orange, etc. 2, single bedroom, choose their favorite color and personality. At this moment can choice, as no limitations. 3, wall: white or ivory color. Furniture: yellow or gray. Curtain: the choose orange is recommended. Wall: light blue, furniture: light yellow, curtain, suggested that chooses white blue color. Wall: yellow or yellowish, furniture: purple, black, the curtain: the proposal chooses yellow or gold. 2, generally choose what design curtain 1 bedroom and the bedroom is private place, the curtain should be thick, shading sex is strong. Research indicated: noise pollution for 30 decibels, can interfere with normal sleep. So, choose the curtain of sound-absorbing effect is very important, general is given priority to with flocking, cotton, hemp. In general, the thick curtain sound-absorbing the better the results, reduced by 10% - 20%. 2, the sleep quality will affect the mood all day. Under the atmosphere of leisurely, quiet sleep, can guarantee the quality of sleep, the bedroom color appropriate meters, pale grey. But pure red, orange, too bright, not suitable for use in the bedroom. 3, the window towards: toward the southeast, choose cool color attune is given priority to; Toward the northwest, choose warm color to give priority to. Of course, depends on personal preferences, style is different from person to person. 3, the bedroom curtain color tie-in skill: yellow on behalf of gentle and quiet; Green: on behalf of yangxin, mesh; : red represents happiness; Brown: representative composed; Purple, rose, on behalf of showily; Cyan: on behalf of the dark; Blue: on behalf of peace and wide. Four, the bedroom curtains taboo matters what color in feng shui, don't choose not auspicious patterns, is bad for the influence of the family. Such as: skeleton, modelling is bizarre, animals, etc. , especially the old man and child room, should avoid to use. Two white belongs to the joker, such as: purple, color, mei red, etc. Foil romantic atmosphere. Had better not use cream-colored or white, etc. , can let a bedroom lack of warmth.
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