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by:Longjian     2020-09-15
Curtain: take a pick on tens of thousands of, good curtain expensive? Everyone focuses on the furniture decorate, metope, ground. Want to knock on the blackboard to tell everyone: curtain is installed by the way, the grade of the home upupup. Put down a good bedroom curtain, the price is not cheap. , after all, money is spent on the blade, so choose the curtain before with a point of knowledge, it is easy to choose wrong. Now, about 1234 of the curtain. 1. Curtain rod with support and the effect of traction, must choose the material of solid and durable, so often after the change. So, don't choose: plastic 'ageing', aluminum alloy bearing difference, iron rust off paint. Pure stainless steel is a good choice, defect is a, a little expensive. 2. Curtain rod we usually have two choices: stem, non-rising stem. Stem: as the name suggests stem is the lever can see. Now it is in line with the social trend of 'light is repaired, heavy adornment', so many consumers love. Non-rising stem: hidden within the curtain box of window, outside can not see the rod itself. So the construction requirements, flexible enough, also not easy to clean. 3. Curtain rod structure can be divided into single and double track two kinds, monorail is only hang a curtain; Dual-track can be installed on both sides. Advised to choose a dual-track, one side can install screen window, a thick curtain. 4. The curtain track is divided into two kinds of light rail and dark rail. Ming rail curtain rod adornment sex is strong, construction is convenient, need not do curtain box of window in advance. Defect is sliding not smooth, dark rail and thick curtain, will cause deformation. Exposed more ugly dark tracks, the need to do beforehand curtain box of window. Advantage is slippery course is more smoothly, and the bearing capacity is good, suitable for heavy curtain. Advised to choose a dark tracks, but less decorative, the rest are advantages. Curtain fabric generally divided into the following four types: cotton/linen: suitable for contracted style decoration, defect is easy to wrinkle, pervious to light, shrinking. Velvet/velour: is suitable for the decoration style luxury, feel is very good. Cotton: easy to wrinkle, easy shrink, exaggerated point about wash is expected to be a half way, is not recommended to choose from. The curtain of polyester: now on the market basically is this kind of fabric, because it does not shrink, good wash. On the choice of fabrics suggested to be decided according to particular case of the room, the sitting room, the sitting room of large appropriate USES the ground cloth curtain, can match window screening, without shading cloth, style can match the veil. Small sitting room used opaque shutter shade, cloth and curtain, day and night. Restaurant: the restaurant does not belong to private space, such as exposure, generally have a layer of gauze. Bedroom: appropriate USES cloth curtain, with shading cloth and wire netting. Style with concise give priority to, small Windows can choose the finished curtain. Study: the study is available in natural, unique scent of wood blinds, soundproof shade or plain coloured curtain. 1 clean curtain. Remove the curtains cleaned part using a feather duster first cleaner and carefully remove the curtain surface dirt, and then use the professional tools to remove the curtain. Generally in accordance with the curtain hanging method divided into hooks and punching, general material curtain hook type as long as taking out from the inside of the cloth curtain hook can be put in the washing machine wash. Is the circle of the punching type curtain, loops are two relative and lash just from the middle break, ready to dry then put them on. 2. Immerse the curtains hang curtain because of the strong ability of absorbing dust off after the application of hand shake a shake, the curtain fall make dust attached on the curtain of natural add soaked in water containing detergent. Use neutral detergent soak curtain, liquid containing acidic or alkaline overweight will cause some damage to the curtain inside fiber material. According to the degree of curtain material is very different soaking time generally between 15 to 60 points, for example, made of linen curtains for its massiness, generally, when washing to soak for at least 1 hour. 3. Curtain of washing note curtain wash when everyone is important to note that the wool, silk fabrics and some high quality fiber fabric is unfavorable use washing machine automatic washing, washed by hand or sent to special laundry to dry cleaning. Cotton and linen material curtain cleans up easily, can be directly into the washing machine to clean. In addition to using washing powder, then add a few clothing fabric softener, cotton and linen cloth curtain after washing can be more smooth.
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