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Zhongshan lamps and lanterns _ zhongshan canister light _ zhongshan lamp _ lighting

by:Longjian     2020-09-20
Canister light and lamp can you points clear? Them what is the difference between 'lighting is the eye of the household,' not the household decorates lamp act the role ofing to foil atmosphere, and 'canister light' 'light' is the most common two kinds of lamps and lanterns, both from the appearance point of view is the same, but in fact the difference is very big still, many people confuse 'canister light,' and what's the difference between the 'light', the following lamp act the role ofing to take everyone to have a look at it in detail. Shoot the light is introduced: shoot the light is a typical advocate the lamp, wuding scale modern genre of lighting, can create an atmosphere of indoor lighting, if a row of small shoot the light, the light can change the wonderful designs. Due to the small shoot the light can be combined free transform perspective, lighting effect. Usually around the lamp is installed on the ceiling or the upper furniture, placed inside the wall, the line that play a base or the dado, mainly used to highlight the administrative levels, build atmosphere, can dominate the whole lighting, and can promote the local lighting, relative tube lamp, the lamp light is downy, foil gives elegant atmosphere. Tube light is introduced: downlight refers to a screw lamp holder, can be fitted with incandescent lamp or the lamps and lanterns of energy-saving lamp directly. Tube light is a kind of embedded in the ceiling light beam type of lighting lamps and lanterns. The embedded within the ceiling of sex of lamps and lanterns, all light downward projection, belong to the direct light distribution. Can use different reflector, lenses, shutters, light bulbs, to obtain different light effect. Canister light do not occupy a space, can increase the softness of the space, if want to build warm feeling, can try to dress more tube lamp, reduce the space oppressive feeling. Commonly used in hotel, family, coffee shop. Shoot the light and distinguish the difference between a canister light: light source in general, different tube light internal installation energy-saving lamps or incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp when loading is yellow light, energy-saving lamps when loading is white, and the direction of the light source is fixed cannot adjust, shoot the light is with quartz bulb or lamp beads as light source, and relatively canister light, shoot the light source direction can be adjusted. Difference between 2: apply different canister light auxiliary or general illumination is commonly used in home outfit, the light is soft and comfortable, decorate canister light also need to consider the spacing and uniformity of lamps and lanterns, and shoot the light is usually used to highlight a particular object, have the effect of stress, can make an object, have qualitative feeling more, usually used in commercial stores or exhibition area. Difference between the three: the effect of different tube lights all light is projected down, belong to the direct light distribution, can increase the space of the light is soft, build sweet feeling, but the effect is not change, and shoot the light is different, shoot the light is a typical advocate the lamp, in a nutshell is the wuding scale modern genre of lighting, if a row of small shoot the light, can make the light change of different wonderful designs, and the small shoot the light also can free transform perspective, a different lighting effect. Difference between four: downlight also obvious difference in price, the same situation, same class and quality of lamp price is higher than tube light, price difference in a few yuan or so commonly.
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