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by:Longjian     2020-09-23
How to distinguish between Europe type lamps and lanterns and lamps and lanterns of American? How to distinguish between Europe type lamps and lanterns and lamps and lanterns of American? What is the difference between them, european-style lamp with American light a lot of friends or silly points not clear up to now. Because there is a difference between both is not very big, under segmentation can find some differences, now lighting come under the analysis of simple with everybody. Europe type lamps and lanterns of characteristics: 1, Europe type lamps and lanterns by new alloy, copper, iron, cold-rolled steel, resin, glass and a combination of cloth art, need pay attention to is the comparison of data is not european-style lamp, the first is the aesthetic feeling of Europe type style lamps and lanterns, ornamental, fitness, and can better express the style of the house. 2, the manufacture of Europe type lamps and lanterns also can see some characteristic of Europe type lamps and lanterns. Europe type lamps and lanterns manufacture is steel after cold rolling, with artificial modelling, it twists and turns and ChengXiang want then needs polishing, finalized, then wash and radian after the final form a want to paint it again. Resin is Europe type lamps and lanterns is another kind of primary data, the Europe type lamps and lanterns is given priority to with resin, make process is relatively strong, and the effect of resin coloring is very significant, what call low costly, european-style lamp will give you a clear, from the resin process will give you. 3, glass Europe type lamps and lanterns is main raw materials, the raw material is divided into blown glass and drawing glass, Europe type lamps and lanterns of glass materials emphasize the degree of transparency, uniformity and color. 4, european-style lamps notice symmetric space aesthetic feeling. If it is difficulty for classical style, will damage the level, in version of nouveau riche. 5, Europe type style of lamps and lanterns is durable, first, because it is pay attention to reasonable and symmetry. The characteristics of American lamps and lanterns: 1. Concise modeling simple and easy, more able to bear or endure look, commonly used lamps and lanterns is especially pendant, wrought iron structure framework, to satisfy concise style to detail processing lathe processing way of high demand, in order to highlight the characteristics of material itself, the framework itself will also be processed into a kind of decoration. 2. Practical aesthetics its practicality and aesthetics together, light gentle bedroom also added to the family environment of a free country. 3. Climate for most American lamps and lanterns is touching, sweet, natural romantic and free. Americans yearning freedom country style fashion, this is the real American style household design essence, so the color of the lamp shade using is rice white, pale yellow light color fastens, linen, etc.
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