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by:Longjian     2020-09-26
Lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of American and European is the difference between American and European style lamps and lanterns is what separates? May have a lot of people have this question, this is difficult to distinguish, because the two style difference is not big, but look carefully and there are some different, the lamp will take you to have a good understanding of the features of a ~ a, lamps and lanterns of American 1, lamps and lanterns of American's charm lies in its unique aristocratic temperament. Clear lines and elegant modelling, downy lamplight, let a person experience a different artistic conception and brief vogue,, have a kind of quiet atmosphere. As that from distant western rich noble temperament, low-key luxury atmosphere diffuses. 2, lamps and lanterns of American history, reflects the elegance of the meaningful of bearing, on behalf of the master life grade of excellence. Based on the aesthetic characteristics of American style, lighting is not suitable for light too bright, soft. 3, lamps and lanterns of American style diversity, elegant materials generally choose to compare the soldering tin, copper, iron, such as crystal, color stable, temperament elegant, the pursuit of a noble feeling. According to different space, the choice of lamps and lanterns, there are some basic principles to follow. 2, 1, the characteristics of Europe type lamps and lanterns of Europe type lamps and lanterns with luxuriant adornment, strong color, elegant modelling elegant, gorgeous effect of European court, european-style lamp pay attention to the carve on line, shape and color. 2, some light will use artificial rust, brunet paint intentionally create a copy of the old effect, give a person the sense with classical on the vision. 3, look from the material, more than Europe type lamps and lanterns is given priority to with resin, pure copper, forging, wrought iron. The resin lamp modelling more, but have a variety of patterns, gold-plated silver foil color is beautiful, bright color; Modelling of pure copper, iron and other relatively simple, but more simple sense. Three for the difference, lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of American and European American lamps and lanterns with Europe type lamps and lanterns is in general the same, for lamps and lanterns make materials generally prefer to use the wrought iron and resin. American on modelling of lamps and lanterns framework or color lampshade with single color (mostly Light color) Is given priority to, but most European or new classic lamps and lanterns will add gold or other colour decoration, sculpture, gold-plating trace silver and the other Europe type lamps and lanterns is costly, American lamps and lanterns is generally contracted and the atmosphere. But that is not absolutely right, compared with the european-style lights, lamps and lanterns of American still pay attention to the classic feelings, only on the style and shape is relatively simple, concise and easy appearance, pay more attention to the leisure and comfort. So, we in the choice of lamps and lanterns, attention should be paid to the main characteristics of home decoration and color to choose lamp act the role ofing, to household can perfect confluence is together with you, otherwise you will cause abrupt is not harmony. This is the public, to distinguish the two styles of published the first article, also will have a follow-up, I believe you see after with lamp of American and European lamp.
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