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Zhongshan lamp of the head of a bed _ zhongshan dome light brand _ zhongshan absorb dome light in the living room

by:Longjian     2020-10-07
Lamp act the role ofing should teach you how to absorb dome light of choose and buy! Lamps and lanterns and curtain, basically belongs to the home of the last paragraph. The majority of people are decorated well, just think about what kind of lamp, but very many different kinds of lamps and lanterns, including absorb dome light, droplight, lamp, tube lamp, ceiling lamp and so on, different lamps and lanterns of adornment effect is not the same. Today, just to give you the popular science about how to choose and buy should absorb dome light? First to choose the appropriate light source, with the wide use of LED lighting, the sitting room to absorb dome light also gradually penetrate into the home lighting. For household absorb dome light, currently used mainly LED light source. Compared with other light sources, absorb dome light brand price is not expensive, save electricity, long service life, strong brightness and high ratio of performance characteristics. Then, we can detect whether bright light source, color temperature is appropriate. To identify the color temperature is appropriate is very simple, need to light a lamp and then stood in reading under the lamp, if handwriting looks clear, bright, that the light is better, high light efficiency. If words can't see, is bad. There a simpler way, is the hand stretched to light source, to see the color of the hand, if the ruddy, just is to clarify the color temperature, color rendering, if palm blue or purple, color temperature is too high. Second is to see the driver part of LED lamps and lanterns, is just like the heart of people. LED driver circuit's main function is to convert ac voltage as the constant current power supply, and at the same time, complete with LED the matching of voltage and current. At the same time, the factors such as the input voltage and ambient temperature change under the condition of the constant current source to change the voltage. The stand or fall of driver, directly determine the reliability of the dome light, lifespan and light effect. Finally, pay attention to the room of different size of lamps and lanterns, because different size system, need sitting room absorb dome light volume size and wattage size also vary. Such as bedroom, September The 450 mm diameter 15 square meters room recommended around 24 w lamps and lanterns; More than 15 ㎡ room recommended around 550 mm diameter 36 w lamps and lanterns. For the sitting room, if the sitting room of 20 square meters below the recommended about 42 w lamps and lanterns; About 20 ~ 25 square meters or so recommended 70 w lamps and lanterns, about 25 ~ 35 recommended 112 w lamps and lanterns; More than 35 square meters stateroom, recommended above 140 w wattage of the lamps and lanterns. When choosing lamps and lanterns, general plane area of smallpox and room area size of lamps and lanterns is better than at 1:50, if insufficient lighting can according to need to install some tube lamp, absorb dome light, shoot the light, such as auxiliary lighting, help lighting!
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