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Zhongshan lamp act the role ofing _ zhongshan ou crystalline light _ _ zhongshan modern crystal lamp

by:Longjian     2020-09-15
Lamp act the role ofing to teach you how to choose modern crystal lamp! Crystal lamp act the role ofing originated in Europe in the 17th century, 'rococo' ( Rococo) Period. When the europeans to items and luxuriant bright decoration design is particularly looking forward to pursue, crystal lighting was born, and popular. Although the 'Renaissance' in the early 16th century, 文艺复兴时期) ﹤ 1500 - 1650 st13 period, has a history of crystal lamp is recorded. Little imagine, metal lamp, crystal lamp was then hang with natural/quartz crystal pendant, candles, decorative lighting lamps and lanterns. Modern crystal lamp belongs to low pressure lamp, design is how to absorb dome light or droplight, suction a top light source is commonly with LED and transformer, whole feels more relaxed, contracted and contemporary feeling stronger; European crystalline light is primarily a chandelier, more complex and changeful modelling, the whole lamp structure is more elegant, line is relatively soft, of European romanticism, with strong in crystal pendant, deserve to go up bright lights when the room is full of light, bright and beautiful, often for E14 lamp holder, light source can be use normal candle can use LED candle dip, build a warm warm color attune of the bedroom. Mainly of modern crystal lamp is the machining of the chassis, the chassis stainless steel need to be made to the shape of the cutting process and result, and continental crystalline light technology is complex, a lot of iron materials, for example, starting from the purchase of raw materials of iron pipe, the need for bending, welding, grinding, polishing, pickling, phosphating, painting/plating, assembly, and so on a series of process to produce a high quality European crystalline light. Only from the point of view the steps it takes to have the very big difference with modern crystal lamp. Postmodernism is a word first appeared in the Spanish writer DE became the 1934 book 'selected poems of Spain and Spanish class', and describes the modern socialist internal inverse dynamic, especially there is a kind of modernist pure rational rebellious attitude, is the post-modern style. Modern Chinese style with the design of the modern Chinese style style, crystalline light with the traditional design style of lamps and lanterns again at the same time, can say is the organic combination of traditional and modern, is currently on the market of lamps and lanterns is relatively common, on the choice of light source, choose LED light more and more green environmental protection, apply modern life core idea, more and more popular. And can according to the light to crystalline light highlights colorful color effect, some still can adjust the brightness of the light. But compared with the traditional crystal lamp, LED, etc. , because of the light source is used not incandescent bulbs, so you can't let the crystalline light there is a feeling of refraction of flashing. On the market a lot of LED crystal light in the crystal with glass instead of more, though the cost reduction can let more people to buy, but it has also lost the meaning of crystalline light. In indoor decoration can be appropriate use of the characteristics of the crystal and lighting effects to supplement, lets the home become more and more distinctive and very elegant. And not the same as interior space, of crystalline light, inductive interest can match.
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