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Zhongshan lamp act the role ofing _, _ McGonagall blue lighting

by:Longjian     2020-09-16
Guangzhou brand introduces a lamps and lanterns, nock lighting has been committed to the development of decorative lighting products, after nearly 20 years of development, nock lighting company has developed into a has 1500 employees, covers an area of more than 40000 square meters, and smoothly passed the 3 c certification, the British crown ISO9002 certification and owns several patent appearance, is a collection of r &d, design, production, sales in the integration of the international professional lighting company. Kinnock lighting business philosophy: based on the cultural management, working to improve people's life grade, lighting service concept: for in the high-end consumer groups to build high quality living environment, lighting design concept: in ancient Roman sculpture, Italian art craft, European architectural style and Chinese royal culture as the background design, make, the product has unique classic, noble and elegant temperament, especially prominent position. Snooker, main products are: lighting indoor lighting: droplight, absorb dome light, wall lamp, floor lamp, desk lamp; Outdoor lighting, outdoor wall lamp, outdoor lamp droplight, column; Commercial lighting, home lighting, 'McGonagall blue' brand was established in 2014, the brand registration number: 13954888, zhongshan is together beautiful lighting lighting co. , LTD. , brands, is located in zhongshan McGonagall blue aimed at 'Scandinavian minimalist art lighting', from the design, choose your finished product, McGonagall blue combines 'science' and 'art' lighting. Product line covers the droplight, absorb dome light, desk lamp and floor lamp, wall lamp, lens headlight, such as: original McGonagall blue to strengthen the original charm, comprehensive LED modern lamp minimalist interpretation: McGonagall blue only do simple lighting. Reason: culture and the connotation, McGonagall do have a style of lamp act the role ofing, pure blue heritage science, McGonagall blue do have the quality of lighting
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