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Zhongshan intelligent fireplace - — Dancing the Smurfs

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
Intelligent fire fireplace is always the core of a region, whether hotel hall, conference room, or home. Beside the fireplace with faint yellow lamp act the role ofing, family sit together to talk, read, listen to the familiar music restoring ancient ways, or in the hotel lobby taste a cup of coffee, quietly looking at the blue elf dancing, this scenario is a kind of life art, is also a kind of artistic life. A fireplace, fireplace is that fuel on the market can be divided into manual and smart fireplace, fireplace hearth is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving of the fireplace. What's the fireplace? Intelligent design has a fireplace with special completely isolated storage chamber, make absolutely full combustion, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide resulting from is the lowest, the safest, most environmental protection, let users can enjoy intelligent absolute peace of mind of fireplace brings warm fireplace, advocating energy conservation and environmental protection, enjoy luxury. Its intelligent fireplace series has the following characteristics: installation requirements: set aside 220 v three plugged into a power outlet. Fireplace under the reserved ventilation shutters or vent, fences breathable Settings, such as ventilation area meet the fireplace core length * 20 mm decorative wall, structure wall avoid flammable decorative materials ( Can use steel, brick, etc. ) And consider the problem of heat bilges cold shrink, really can't avoid to do high temperature resistant heat insulation around the furnace protection device.
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