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Zhongshan guzhen zhongshan wall lamp wall lamp _ _ restoring ancient ways

by:Longjian     2020-09-19
More than a wall lamp, more than a warm home. Believe everyone for the head of a bed wall lamp is familiar with, but really with wall lamp or a few, wall lamp is now not only play the role of lamps and lanterns, more attention is its adornment effect, downy lamplight, fashionable appearance and changeful style took our eyes. So, what kind of wall lamp, will be able to match the head of a bed? In furniture design, part of the bedroom is very important. Rest, read People's Daily life, such as a most of the time spent in the bedroom, and the design of the head of a bed wall lamp is at first in order to facilitate people to switch for the lamps in the bedroom, but now more can create brilliant warm bedroom effect. For people who enjoy reading, reading a favorite book before sleeping is a leisurely and comfortable experience, suitable for the wall lamp is particularly important at this time. Chinese style style wall lamp of the head of a bed the Chinese style style classical elegant wafts in the bedroom, extensive and profound Chinese culture, and the design of Chinese style style is becoming more and more popular. Using in the family is decorated in Chinese style of wall lamp is actually very common, usually Chinese wall lamp is real wood is qualitative, there was an obvious softer effect on visual effect. The modern different shapes of different sizes of various wall lamp, wall lamp decoration degree is becoming more and more strong. On the ground or in the bedroom metope USES the very dark wood grain of the atmosphere, bracket light yellow light, more tender, head of a bed hangs a picture more add a points of the ancient atmosphere. Contemporary and contracted bedside lamp after a busy day, came home to enter contracted and pure and fresh in the bedroom, instantaneous can bring a feeling of comfort. Contemporary and contracted bedroom commonly use a relatively simple pure color furniture to decorate. Pure color wood floor, yellow stripe setting wall, the ceiling of the pure white and pure white window curtain all embody the simple life. But if there is a light in the flat space ornament, like the sorcerer's world, full of novelty! Under the illuminate of lamplight, everything will appear more romance, the projection of the light and shadow, light quietly elegant and harmonious, the room with grace. Nordic bedside wall lamp, maybe you think want to atmosphere design will need to use a lot of adornment, but simple ornament can also build an unusual effect. Boreal Europe style is famous for its always is concise, pure and fresh and design style is the characteristic of it, is also a modern Nordic style many young people's favorite. In this room have most of the Nordic style, equipped with the necessary large French window, and it room furniture is also all is light color, the floor of the original wood color, white ceiling, gray sheets bedding bag built the cool style of it. And let a person shine at the moment there is the characteristic of wall lamp, illuminate when it opens to the lights on the wall like a pair of antlers, vibrant undoubtedly successful make it like the original style with jump. Side of the head of a bed is the master illicit close space, for a while before bedtime reading is the habit of many people. So the design of the head of a bed wall lamp is indispensable. Wall lamp compared with desk lamp, droplight more save a space, and its light projected on the wall, embodies the harmonious atmosphere. Wall lamp design and style varied, for your choice of the head of a bed wall lamp can match! Bedroom wall lamp American culture advocating freedom, the pursuit of a dream, so the American style decorating is always more along with the gender nature, American style bedroom decorate is generally more warmth. Practical and comfortable is the main focus, it takes into account the American general bedroom also won't have the design of the chandelier, so the head of a bed wall lamp is more important. Most American wall lamp use, wrought iron lamp, the light is with quietly elegant is downy give priority to, is very suitable for reading, a two books on the head of a bed, a bookworm come at any time can hold up a book to savor. Its overall color is also very harmonious at the same time, using complete soft cloth art to decorate, even decorative wallpaper and overall color photograph echo.
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