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by:Longjian     2020-09-26
What is the difference between lighting and lamps and lanterns? When the choose and buy must distinguish! In household life play a role of lamps and lanterns is very big, there are a lot of people in order to add indoor effect, will choose to buy the lamp used for decoration, also have a lot of people will put the lamp act the role ofing and lamps and lanterns is considered to be the same items, but from the perspective of home design, this kind of idea there is a big mistake. Although there is only two, but the focus is to. Lamp act the role ofing to reveal to you below, household lighting and lamps and lanterns has the difference, when the choose and buy must distinguish! First of all, the design Angle difference is from the Angle of the design, lighting design focuses on the art of modeling, and at the beginning of the designer to build the product, will need to consider the lighting can show light color, light and environment style foil each other, coordination, a good lighting design can let whole home outfit ascend a class. For the lamps and lanterns, the designer's original intention to focus on lighting the more 'real' because of the rarely consider to decorative function, so most of the design of lamps and lanterns is modelling is simple, but the structure is very strong and durable. Treatment on the surface of the lamps and lanterns is not the pursuit of gorgeous appearance, but strive for high efficiency and durable. Second, abilities of lighting from lighting, lighting is mainly used to decorate household environment, foil atmosphere. So the lamp illumination is not high, if only in household lighting, for family is in this environment for a long time, is not healthy, especially the harm of eyes is higher. For the lamps and lanterns, just in the beginning of design for the lighting design, so the lighting of lamps and lanterns degree is high, and because of new technology, lamps and lanterns on the premise of not 'damage' illumination, lamplight is becoming more and more soft, is indispensable to household is decorated in a 'furniture'. Lamp act the role ofing and the integration trend of lamps and lanterns, in fact, for lighting producers, household lighting lamps and lanterns and there's a difference, in adornment can use this aspect of the investment into higher than lighting! Decorative function, due to the lighting have a lot of attention to the function of lighting lamps and lanterns has also been gradually transition, a large number of the lamps and lanterns of lighting function is to join the 'decorative' composition, move in the direction of the lamp. When the difference is smaller and smaller, lamps and lighting franco-german boundary is also gradually disappear. So both lamps and lighting, they are the core functions of for lighting, you can according to the requirements of different scenarios for the choose and buy, but must choose quality inspection qualified security products and businesses!
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