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by:Longjian     2020-09-22
Household act the role ofing such outfit, can light up money when Edison invent the light bulb on the day of the feng shui, lit up the world. Light is essential supplies each family decorate, not only can drive away the darkness, also can decorate our sweet home. Light on the question of feng shui, also has the important role that nots allow to ignore. Maybe in a lot of time will be forgotten by people. Lamp below will take you to get to know know, bedroom lighting details of feng shui wang zhen yun accumulate ~ a, sitting room, the sitting room is on behalf of the owner's career pattern! Bedroom is important public area, belongs to the family rest chat and greeting guests. Modern many people like in the sitting room installation luxuriant droplight, it needs to be decided according to the area size and height. Secondly, the lamplight of the sitting room need high and bright, because this is the whole sitting room can receive light. If the design of lamp act the role ofing is dispersible, you should keep style is consistent, not multifarious. If the sitting room area is larger, it is recommended that the sofa beside put a floor lamp of adjustable, can not only protect the eyes, but also have the effect of prosperous wealth. Second, the restaurant here, refers to a family dinner. Because this place is representative of the whole family eat eloth, direct index is about money. The lights of the restaurant need warm bright light, choose the sleek shape, just the moral family peace, and harmony. Three bedroom, bedroom, is a relatively hidden sexual strong private area, used in our bed rest. And the requirements of the lamplight of the bedroom and sitting room is different, now that is a place to sleep, should choose downy light, of course, not dazzling light. If bedroom area is not large, small make up is not recommended to install droplight, especially in the bed upper part, which can lead to sleep in a bed of people form the psychological pressure. Go down for a long time, but also easy to cause mood irritability, and decline in health and luck bright red light, and so on and so forth. So suggest can consider to use soft floor lamp or desk lamp is better, otherwise how can rest? Four, balcony, the lights of the balcony a few light can usually install outdoor lamp or absorb dome light. Believe in fengshui, the balcony belongs to the place of the gas, so be sure to keep the light is enough. If the balcony space is enough big, also can consider to get a pool or aquarium, aquarium tubes inside put a blue light, these are beneficial to improve the practice of family finances business oh! Five, bathroom toilet, although it is less attractive area, but we all know the importance. It is the place where my family used to discharge the body fee of sundry, promptly eliminate to keep healthy. Five behavior of water, the area should be avoided with anger. Suggest the lamplight of toilet should be so light that moves with cool color, can consider canister light or absorb dome light, etc. In addition, the toilet must keep well ventilated, put money plant to purify airy action.
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