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Zhongshan fireplace safety tips

by:Longjian     2020-10-21
For the installation of the fireplace, fireplace give you some professional tip: floor bearing capacity: 1, before installation of heating equipment, ensure the ground or bracket can bear the weight of the whole furnace 2, low bearing capacity is not available without approval or transport equipment to move the fireplace 3, please do not trample extruding furnace combustion heat can make the surface of the furnace body temperature, such as oven door and handles, glass, smoke tube, furnace forearm all has the very high temperature, do not use hand direct contact with the above parts, if you want to contact, please be sure to have relevant protective measures or high temperature resistant gloves on. To ensure that children realize the fireplace to work around the existing safety problems. Best in setting protective fence around. 1, make your children realize that high temperature furnace burning danger, activity in the security area. 2, is allowed to use the fuel, please refer to the 'clean fuel' 3, ensure no inflammable and explosive goods around the fireplace, such as empty spray cans, etc. 4, add fuel to the furnace do not wear loose, flammable clothing. 5, banned in and around the fireplace place objects resistance to high temperature difference 6, banned the fireplace to dry clothes 7, if need to dry the clothes, be sure to pay attention to the distance the fireplace enough distance so as not to cause fire. 8, fireplace in the operation of the ban on in the room and its adjacent room to store flammable items.
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