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Zhongshan droplight _ zhongshan _ lighting lamps and lanterns

by:Longjian     2020-09-19
Restaurant layout will be more beautiful droplight? In many distinctive restaurants we will find that one of the important facilities of droplight is to create a unique atmosphere. It not only can foil the color of food make you appetite is big, can make you more enjoy light when have dinner atmosphere. Lighting: come and share with you today about the restaurant and the droplight of those things. Droplight is refers to the lifting of senior decorative lights on the ceiling indoors. Droplight either by wire or iron hanging, cannot too short, blocking the line of sight of normal or makes a person feel dazzling. The droplight of dining room, for example, the height of the ideal is to form a pool of light on the table, but does not obstruct the line of sight of each other at all on the table. Current chandelier hanging cigarettes has been shipped on spring or height adjuster, suitable for different height of the bottom and need. The number of meals chandeliers type droplight from general droplight to classification, can be divided into single head droplight with bull droplight of two. Single head droplight: make the lighting more concentrated, but the lights on the scope of the small. If a table is small, or table for the circular, select single head droplight can meet the needs of the lighting. Bull droplight: if the table for strip type, then only a single head lights is not enough. The bull droplight provide light source at the same time, the lighting is wider, and more uniform light distribution. The color and the style of droplight, the best and the design of the restaurant style unifies, such ability can play the most beautiful visual effects. Restaurant area and size according to the size of the restaurant area of droplight, droplight in use also have different requirements for size. If size and droplight restaurant size collocation is improper, it is easy to let a person produce incongruous feeling. The restaurant area and the chandelier size Suggestions: 10 - About 15 square restaurant / 1. 4 - 1. Table 6 meters long, 60 cm diameter of droplight. 15 - About 20 square restaurant / 1. 6 - 1. 8 meters long table: the droplight with a diameter of 70 cm. 20 - About 30 square restaurant / 1. More than 8 meters long table: the droplight with a diameter of 80 cm. If the height of droplight chandeliers hung too high will affect lighting, hanging too low and easy to an end. Overall, the height of droplight decided to even the integral feeling of whole dining room table, just good height will not only make food look better, aroused people's appetite. Table height is 75 cm, the distance from the surface of droplight to table - 60 It is advisable to 110 cm. Suitable for the lights of the restaurant
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