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Young people must have personality mix two lives in marriage room [after 80 Contemporary and contracted LED droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-12
Young people must have personality mix two lives in marriage room [after 80 Contemporary and contracted LED droplight] Just married couple may economic power, can only choose to buy small family do marriage room, but it is very depressive personality to young people. After a pair of 80 couples want their marriage room can be different, so the designers to help them to build a set of beautiful mix build two-bedroom house. Owner: the owner of the house is a pair of young couples, highly educated, high grade, high income '3 tall people. For design requirements and distinctive personality, instead of the traditional modelling, creating exclusive young people in the world. Design concept: in order to satisfy the customer the design requirements of individual character, the set of scheme adopts mix design style, rich colors, diversified material combination, to meet the owner of the basic functional requirements at the same time, give a person with shine at the moment. Inside the sitting room, slightly exaggerated spiders droplight of contemporary and contracted with bright background wall adornment and the young man's peculiar personality reflect incisively and vividly. Modern decorative circle and modelling, let a space full of design feeling. After the modelling of contemporary feeling, individual character is dye-in-the-wood. Pure color wooden bar and wine ark, can show master everywhere of the high grade. Restaurants are full of unique elements, personality, culture as background wall brick, colorful individuality chair combinations with different modern chandeliers, eating this environment must be very satisfied. The kitchen is simple and easy streamlined design, grey colour is tie-in, do meal will feel natural and smooth. Clean colour collocation, with the most simple combination to meet the most pure rest function. Is this bedroom sweet yet unique? The design of toilet is also very simple, to meet the basic living needs as the basic starting point, highlight the grade on the details. Source: and home network
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