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You will for the modern lamp installation of what are the requirements?

by:Longjian     2020-08-26
Modern Nordic light some ceramic ware, glass of longer life, not aging, also very trendy atmosphere. Lights on heavy metal accessories, such as screws, etc. , will slow decay, using time basically in five years. Aging fast plastic modern lamp act the role ofing, because plastic bad when they are heated. Such as meters above the height of the floor, wall color apple green, blue, jade pendant lamp, can use incandescent clear open the light, a sense of noisy, luxuriant; The height of the floor under 3 meters, milk yellow or white metope, should use modern lighting, in order to enhance rooms spacious feel. In the installation, should pay attention to is low room jade pendant lamp from the ground can not be less than 3. Jade pendent lamp installation height 2 meters, the restaurant also can not too low, too low volume will look particularly obstruction, also will show a kind of oppressive feeling. No said jade pendant and modern lighting which one is good, it should choose to decorate character, the height of the floor and wall color customization. Basically, modern lighting adapted to the room, bedroom house, cooking place, toilet, etc. Used for house points single head jade pendant and many jade droplight of two kinds, the former more used to house a bedroom, restaurant; The back should be installed in the room. Modern lighting because of the above lamps and lanterns is flat, installed at the bottom of the can got close to the top of the house. Along with the technical development, the transformation of modern lighting also with each passing day, is no longer limited to the single lamp, and a variety of development, to learn from both the jade pendant lamp rich and generous, and choose the installation path of modern lighting, reduced the shorter house will not be able to install large rich lighting flaws. As a house of single Chinese marble lamp and more Chinese marble lamp type, much as a house in front of the bedroom, dining room; The back should be installed in the room. A flat above led to absorb dome light for lighting, installed at the bottom of the timing can stick on the house at the top of the safe by name. Increase with the ability, the change of the modern lamp also with each passing day, is no longer limited to the single light, and diversification, not only learned the Chinese marble lamp rich and popular, and take the modern lamp setting of path, reduces the bedroom not install a large man with shorter the defects of lamps and lanterns. Have some of the ceramic ware, glass fixed number of year is longer, it is not easy to aging, and quite magnificent style. Lights on heavy metal facilities, such as parts, etc. , will be slow oxidation, selects the hour in about five years. Efficiency and rapid aging of plastic led to absorb dome light, because plastic heat deformation.
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