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You don't know a good way to deposit three kinds of wood

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
Whether you are with wood burning fireplace to keep warm, or use other sources of heat, in the design of outdoor wooden storage shed, wood used cords still need to take up a lot of space. So usually need to remember this four: size, position, keep dry and air circulation. Next, I also can according to these points to share with you some basic knowledge on the subject. Your first task is to determine how much you want to store the wood. Fixed by ropes or otherwise bind the wood, when stacked, about four inches deep and 4 feet long and 8 feet high. As a result of the standard wood 16 inches long, therefore, 128 cubic feet of timber pile is basically three rows of logs. Stack, of course, all of these methods depends on the size of the building, climate, and insulation heat loss, so please consider these rough guidelines. ( Remember that in a storage device for size adjustment, any wood is higher than your shoulder height) Will be used as a fuel wood for the fireplace in the garage is a perfect solution, it can store a lot of wood. Place it near the entrance to the choice means it in wood short the distance between the point of delivery and storage, can also convenient to you. Make use of the porch of the gate. Due to the porch of the gate is the transition space, they are also very good timber storage areas. In the porch of the deposit can greatly reduce the access time of hard wood and per unit time. If your front porch and spacious, you can build a built-in wooden shack to more reasonable, more distinct emphasis here the functionality of the area. If your porch USES is woodiness floor, please make sure that framework to before stack with bearing high load carrying capacity. On the wood floor building framework to take wood drying can protect the floor and keep the bottom log. Using the niche. When storing the amount of wood is less than the fixed with cords, specially used to store the wood niche becomes the best solution. When the storage room near the door, can skillfully integrating intermediate plate in the larger niche. This makes easier to pick up from the stack or heap wood management. The side panels used to support, so can be removed from the middle section of logs and does not affect the top or bottom of a complete frame structure. Building independent shelters. If you think the above several ways can't satisfy or the amount of wood you use the storage greatly, free-standing wooden shack is a better choice. Independent type hut has been widely used in New England, such as the maple syrup production or business companies such as forest land operation industry often building independent shelters, such buildings are usually located in near the road. Set up independent hut in the distance means that you can store more wood, but at the same time and the distance from home too far will lead to take take difficulty increases during the winter. Independent storage way, can save a series of problems, such as cleaning, but still need to pay attention to must be in wood with isolation layer formed between the ground and place it be affected with damp be affected with damp, hut another advantage is that can from a side door open, easy loading and unloading, and their side can be more or less open for ventilation operation.
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