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Working principle of the electric fireplace is what?

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
The origin of the fireplace, can be traced back to the human has just moved into the cave, using 'fireplace' period of lighting, heating, barbecue food. With the development of productivity, lighting, heating, barbecue food gradually evolve the three functions and separation. In form, from the traditional fireplace, fireplace, fireplace charcoal fire fireplace and so on, and derive a new category: electric fireplace. What are the electric fireplace brand? Working principle of the electric fireplace is what? Electric fireplace principle due to the manufacturing technology is ripe now electric heaters, and according to the need of consumers convenient, fashion, beautiful, the style is also emerge in endlessly. Although the exterior approximation, but very different heating principle, so it is hard to distinguish from the appearance of only the category of the heater. Heating wire heater with heating wire heating element for heating the heater is mainly on the market to see more and more traditional heater. Its heating element for heating wire, the heat generated by the fan is used to change the heating wire blew out. Then there is now in the market of new products, like electric fan shape, the heating wire wrapped around the ceramic insulation on fever, using reflective surface heat diffusion to the room. This kind of heater, like electric fan, can automatically rotate Angle, to the entire room heating, suitable for use in 8 square meters below the small room. Three, the electric fireplace advantages 1, ornamental effect. Unparalleled flame, abound change, move feeling, natural, this is any other heating means, including air conditioning, incomparable, is a true romantic warmth. 2, natural, balanced and healthy. The fireplace heating is the most natural way of heating. There is no electromagnetic pollution, radiation, etc. Do not dry, comfortable, healthy, like the sun introduced inside the bedroom, has reached the life that occupy the home cicc, wood, water, fire, soil five line of complete perfection. 3, economic, cost-effective. Fireplace heating costs only about a third of air conditioning heating, buy expensive, but with the cheap.
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