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working principle of dimmable led floor lamps

by:Longjian     2020-03-19
LED floor lamps with dimmable function change the space and bring some contemporary style.
Combined with other lighting equipment, it helps to improve the decoration of the living space.
Dimmable LED floor lamp greatly helps to reduce the intensity of light.
Led is some of the most energy-efficient lighting equipment.
Below is the working principle of dimmable LED floor lamp.
The pulse width modulation dimming method is important to understand that, despite the occurrence of dim light, the LEDs do not actually emit dim light.
Led works in two modesON and OFF.
So effectively, the observed dim light is actually the light emitted in alternating intervals of pulses.
This pulse of light is controlled by the dimmer, which determines the interval and intensity of the pulse.
Pulse frequency designed to produce continuous light effect on the naked eye pulse light, ideally should appear in the light pulse is broken, there is a darkness in the middle;
More like a flashing lamp or Wick.
However, flashing lights are definitely not the ideal light for floor lamps.
Therefore, the Longjian floor lamp needs continuous light, and the PWM LEDs are designed to emit light in a pulse at high speed, which will produce the effect of continuous light. New look -
Dimmable LED Longjian floor lamp the perfect dimmable LED floor lamp provides warm amber light to change the atmosphere of your room.
The dimmable function enables the light to be adjusted from bright mission lighting to dim, soft, comfortable tones.
The exciting design of dimmable floor lamp helps to improve the aesthetics of the interior.
The stylish and compact design helps to create wonderful lights from amazing lighting accessories.
Analog dimming technology is the basic principle for dimming LED Longjian floor lamp, which combines simulation technology.
Control the forward current provided to the LED bulb, and the linear power supply of the bulb will produce dimming effect.
Due to the change of temperature, the light emitted by low quality dimmable LED bulbs may lack strength, so it is important to choose high-quality dimmable LED bulbs.
The challenge for dimmable LED is the huge demand for LED manufacturers to develop dimmable LED bulbs.
However, it is important to keep in mind that users generally prefer to keep their accessories, and it is necessary for manufacturers to develop LED bulbs that can be installed retro.
While the technology is relatively new, it is proven to work with maximum efficiency over and over again.
The demand for dimmable LED bulbs is increasing, and the days when LED bulbs will dominate the lighting world with their design, functionality, durability and cost savings are not far away.
The digital age also offers exciting possibilities for network control lighting and wireless control.
The main dimming methods are TRIAC dimming, PWM dimming and linear dimming.
It\'s time to light up with style and bring style to the most creative mind.
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