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With you together to see ancient town lights are stores to enhance soft power Contemporary and contracted droplight]

by:Longjian     2020-10-12
With you together to see ancient town lights are stores to enhance soft power Contemporary and contracted droplight] In recent years, with the expansion of the lighting lighting market demand, the lights are stores have sprung up, stores are also in the lamp is acted the role of brand luxury exhibition hall was born, is less invested millions, more invested tens of millions, not is not luxury decoration, products do not have new exotic, professional salesman is not passion, just like you can talk with luxury goods stores. But such a luxury lighting brand shop, every day into the guest number is not much, many current retail and engineering lighting shop alone is difficult to flat. Investigate its reason, nothing more than the lamp ACTS the role of sales and brand exhibition hall hardware investment is very big, but the software is enough; Lighting stores and consumer purchaser physical distance is very near, but the psychological distance is very far. In the era of consumer sovereignty, who really protect consumers' rights and interests of consumers who return to order. Retail and project is profitable, and contact is the high-end customer group, it is easy to break into groups purchasing circle, for factory, own brand can direct dialogue with buyers and high-end consumer groups, is a sweet dream. In the country, however most market of lamps and lanterns, lights are ancient town 80% of manufacturer brand is invisible to the consumer, will all the dealers are all your own brand. Even the stores with manufacturer's flagship store decoration ( Marble VS print) , the atmosphere, Professional lighting design VS random cloth lamp) Model (, 60% actually see in stores) Far, even some still hang sheep head sell vinegar, hollow. Manufacturer and so cut off between brands and consumers. Product price system is chaotic, gross margin can be seen from 50% to 1000%, the lowest price and highest price tag on which kind of lamp act the role ofing more than 10 times, consumers have to seller, wit and expect to get the reasonable price, buying experience is rather poor. Lights are ancient town has been a year of two successive lamp expo, jing industry international lighting culture festival, lights direct base throughout the rest of the world, there are Asian Su Bing add stores in addition to the concrete, luxury decoration and cluster is acted the role of the brand is also a lack of something? Lighting brand exhibition hall in addition to the wide variety of lighting and luxury goods stores display marketing function, need something more? First of all, sells itself to manage operation, publicity and promotion of ascension, especially for 91% of the total industry sales channels of B2B, to highlight the quarterly lighting product and move into the brand highlights, to conduct the more dealers and purchasers to store the choose and buy. Second, stores for merchants to provide large data, the trends and sales price for the product, you can launch 'starlight index', 'huayi index', 'and index, and even joint direct selling price base on consumer buying habits and around the world to launch' North America index ', 'European index', 'henan huafeng index', 'Beijing high strength index', 'shenyang Zhang Shi index, etc. , used to guide the factory research and development design, production and operations management. Again, stores to encourage merchants to promote standardization management and brand promotion, make its actually produce sales - 10% 15% belonged to rent and brand promotion of funds, actively as urging its iron alliance with distributors to reach a Shared interests, standardize the profit allocation mechanism, promote the plain code marks a price. Let dealers who dared to, ready to high-end consumption and engineering lights are customers to stores to purchase. Finally, stores encourage merchants on positive research and development new products, ensuring the display effect at the same time, also want to open up 'discount area, out-of-season lighting product price cut through various channels, to ensure the upgrading of products, constantly. Think lights, stores, and vendor relationship as close as lips and teeth, blame, and stores is connected to the parties' resource pool. Lights are our manufacturers to rely on the development of ancient town platform for the industry and the expansion of stores, and stores the development cannot leave the lights are ancient town industrial base and manufacturers in operation, stores boom lamp DouXingSheng, vendor, the business is thriving. Source: guzhen lighting newspaper, Have cut)
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