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With air conditioning and heating floor in the home, still need a fireplace?

by:Longjian     2020-10-19
A lot of friends feel have the air conditioning or heating floor in the home, in winter, does it also need to include a fireplace to keep warm? The benefits of small make up now tell you something about with a fireplace! First: the fireplace is indispensable to villa decoration, can keep warm, also have cohesion, at the feast all like around the stove, represents the prosperous and thriving; Second: the function of the sitting room is the place that the family or guest emotional communication, need fireplace this honorable, the culture atmosphere of warmth and affection, enjoy life, necessary! Winter, only the fire can make family or guests easier to talk, chat together, emotional communication, or a room to watch TV, play their cell phone, as long as no fire, no matter how good the air conditioning, floor heating effect, it is very difficult for a family sitting in the living room watching TV, chatting together, so the fireplace is also the family emotional bridge, to family has a fireplace, is worth!
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