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Winter cold snap hit heating equipment still need comprehensive consideration of choose and buy

by:Longjian     2020-10-20
Winter season, at a much lower temperature, cold became citizens the most strong feelings. In December, the national various areas are conduct work for heating and hot water bag, electric blanket, electric fan and so on are gradually come in handy, careful to keep warm plan seems to be * *, but actually hiding a lot of health concerns, excessive or inappropriate warm may cause burns, diseases such as pneumonia, a headache. A lot of people in dealing with the winter cold, often use the way is the door shut and never leave home, but this will make poor indoor air circulation, often leads to air pollution. If is adopted for the heating of the air conditioning in the home, also can make the pathogen populations, and with the air conditioning air circulation, delivered to every corner of the indoor easily, this also is the reason why many people suffer from rhinitis in winter. Even many people use electric fan heating, let the winter had double loss of moisture, dry environment, extremely easy to cause disease. Compared to a heating such as air conditioning, electric blanket, electric fan, wall hanging furnace heating is more popular. Not only because cb integrating home heating and living hot water, and also because it has the characteristics of the master temperature, and better in terms of comfort. Many consumers feel, wall hanging furnace use, significantly more comfortable than air conditioning, electric heater, nature. A surname as the old man said, because the old, the daughter will give I installed a cb can adjust temperature of Germany, much more comfortable than air conditioning, electric heater, also can used as a water heater. Daughter said in German products, has to ensure safety, even if you have any questions, call after they send professional chefs on-site maintenance. It is true that China now family more and more pay attention to environmental protection and health, make the broad market in cb, but consumers in terms of choice in cb, still need to be careful again carefully. Recently, broke a wall hanging furnace industry news, cb reveal individual vendors 'foreign brand banner sales price, and product quality and after-sales are uneven, surprised many consumers. The foreign brand from the aspects of quality, internal structure, process and so on, does not seem to be so good, even in terms of the safety of the power supply and other important components, work is not as good as domestic brands. To this, the expert advice: the foreign brand in terms of quality, work really a lot better than domestic brands, but there are also some padding low quality products. Consumers when choosing the international brand of cb, be sure to the brand belongs to countries, producing area, technology, history, after in-depth understanding, if there is no effort to understand, just try to choose Europe, North America and other developed countries in cb sales * * big brands.
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