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why you should use floor lamps instead of desk lamps in your room

by:Longjian     2020-03-04
The floor lamps in each room are very versatile and many people like them instead of the desk lamps.
One reason is that they can be placed almost anywhere, anywhere in any room, and at the same time give each room a soft, beautiful light to relax the eyes.
The table lamp has a relatively small choice of location, they are mostly placed on tables, tables and bedside tables, and they cannot be placed anywhere unless you have a stand under them.
On the other hand, the Longjian floor lamp can be placed next to the table, table or in a corner of the room to provide a soft spotlight.
Some lights, such as curved floors, have these flexible necks and arches to provide additional functionality.
For example, they can be adjusted to different positions in order to illuminate different places or the whole room.
In addition, they have additional features compared to traditional desks.
Because they light up from above and below, they are perfect for adding light to the room and to the specific location where people gather to talk.
In addition, depending on the style, from the very complex design to the completely minimalist design, the floor lamp can highlight the decoration of the room very well.
Yes, I mention the plural because it\'s not uncommon for people to buy more than one lamp for their room.
Unlike ceiling lights that provide lighting from above, these ceiling lights illuminate a corner or part of the room and can even highlight specific objects, and the owner wants to show visitors such a piece of art.
Of course, the lamp itself is a beauty, so it can be used as an additional display of stylish furniture in the room, allowing guests to forget its practical aspects and focus on its modern design.
One of the more interesting ones is the antique floor lamp.
While its functional features are used, it does enhance the decoration of the room, adding to the retro look that is so \"funky\" today. .
Vintage items always catch people\'s eye, having items in brass antique style to enhance the living room is a choice made by many people, especially if there are already brass items in the room, for example, brass door handles on doors and cabinets.
When you buy the next light source, go and buy a floor lamp and you won\'t be disappointed.
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