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Why is Europe import fireplace fuel choice?

by:Longjian     2020-10-18
During the years, the author use the fireplace found an interesting phenomenon, to select the wood as fuel, often found in Europe import logs is better, this is not worship things more and luxury no relationship, even if you carefully compare will find that the European imports of more affordable, because its on the dry degree and oil content is better than domestic. European imports is better than the domestic one of the reasons: dry degree right after I have heard some about the wood moisture it will better combustion fully, can say is the ignorance of the real portraiture. And don't talk about damp log in combustion conditions can produce a lot of smoke, the smoke dust contains a large amount of CO with fine particles, they not only pollute the atmosphere of the culprit behind is also dangerous to your health. It is out of the fireplace logs needed to fuel the dry degree of considerations, should choose after dried at least 18 months or more than 38 hours bake in Europe, the wood moisture content in the range of a science, not less than 5% and less than 20%, heat as well as how to give attention to two or morethings more economical combustion. Use dry degree sufficient timber can be fully burning in the true sense. If the concept is very academic, for example, is smoke in such situation is not higher than the minivan emissions. But unfortunately, from the author in recent years with the domestic businessmen found in factory contact, they have no wood moisture content of the scientific concept, not to mention such as drying, the natural air-dry the required equipment and venues, are often just cleared logs are hurried to sell. Businesses are difficult to control at source, then consumers and users DIY more not reality, so our domestic fireplace lovers in the face of one of the biggest problems is actually fuel supply difficult problem. European import than the second reason: domestic can cut down trees, poor trees, this one is actually some tragicomically, main is now prohibited deforestation in our country, so the fireplace fuel access log only from the trees of the wood or eliminated down dead, itself on the quality was checked, mostly corruption has been long and difficult to burn, low calorific value. Also generally have the problem of too fast combustion, need to add a new human constantly to the chamber of a stove or furnace wood has smooth and continuous production supply heat; While Europe import otherwise, they are usually hardwoods, such as birch, ash density, high calorific value, bright flame, smoke less, burning time guaranteed. European import superior to domestic third reason: in the west in the forestry has high degree of specialization, enterprise of forestry in Europe for logging and planting trees, is a very mature system industry. From mining to cut and dry processing, and sold in batches, every link of quality control with process details; The amount of fuel required to the fireplace logs from the length, thickness and surface cleanliness, drying degree, inner calorific value. Not all homemade 'ugly duckling' can match.
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